Photos: Comparing sizes of the Mountain Topper MTR-4B, MTR-3B, and Elecraft KX1

After sharing a few photos by request comparing the size of the  Mountain Topper MTR-3B, MTR-4B, and Elecraft KX2 yesterday, I took a few pmore photos by request comparing those same radios with the Elecraft KX1.

I decided to simply post these on in case they could also be of help to someone else:

Mountain Topper MTR-3B v Elecraft KX1

Mountain Topper MTR-4B v Elecraft KX1

Elecraft KX1 v KX2

8 thoughts on “Photos: Comparing sizes of the Mountain Topper MTR-4B, MTR-3B, and Elecraft KX1”

  1. Thanks for the pictures Thomas. Quick question, which do you prefer and why between say the MTR series vs KX1? That comparison esp MTR4 vs KX1 would be neat b/c they are about the same form factor. I consider the KX2 to be one “size up” as the form factor seems slightly more bulky to pack than a kx1.

    1. KX2 more bulky than KX1? It seems they are nearly equal except the KX2 is wider but shorter while the KX1 is taller but narrower. In terms of area they take up it seems to be equal from the photos here. I have never had a KX2 and KX1 side by side in person. Am I way off?

      1. It has to do w form factor and how I pack a backpack. Yes volume wise prob very similar but the kx1 is “flatter” making it easier to pack. I don’t know maybe it just me, ha?!

  2. I’d love any of these transceivers… I own the KX2, and a Weber Mountain Topp’r MTR2b 20/40m…

    I’ve kicked myself on passing up on a KX1 when I had the chance…

    The features/size ratio gives the KX2, and my personal field experience the Blue Ribbon no question.

    Batteries are also a factor… having internal batteries leave little question. Form factor alone makes Elecraft the ones I’d choose. I wish Elecraft would produce legacy kits… the KX1 is my quest!

    1. Not to rub it in, but I was glad I grabbed a 3 band KX1 a year and a half ago. Back then, based on QRZ prices from the previous year, I thought I was paying a fair market price for one at $350 (I think that was fair at that time at least). I was surprised to see a similar one get snatched up almost instantly that was listed at $550 in recent weeks. I did not realize how much the market had shifted, but I assume they continue to become more and more rare to find.

      I had a great activation with mine just over a week ago, and it sure is a great package with the tuner and gain controls. I do tend to use an external battery only because it is easier for me to charge. Image of that outing on the top of my QRZ page.

      1. That was the same experience for me. I purchased a KX1 in 2020 for $300 shipped: 4 band with ATU. It included a 1060 Pelican case. Now you really can’t touch those for less than $500-550.

        I looked at your QRZ page. Happy to see I’m not the only one with a QRP radio addiction! 🙂


        1. Thomas, I think you bear some responsibility for my addiction, but I am not complaining. 🙂

          73, Douglas

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