Photos: Comparing sizes of the Mountain Topper MTR-4B, MTR-3B, and Elecraft KX2

A reader/subscriber just asked for photos comparing the size of the  Mountain Topper MTR-3B and MTR-4B. I know they were also curious how the MTR-4B might compare in size with the Elecraft KX2. Of course, one can look up the actual sizes, but sometimes a photo adds more context.

I decided to simply post these on in case they could also be of help to someone else:

Mountain Topper MTR-4B vs MTR-3B

Mountain Topper MTR-4B vs Elecraft KX2

10 thoughts on “Photos: Comparing sizes of the Mountain Topper MTR-4B, MTR-3B, and Elecraft KX2”

  1. Thomas,

    Fun fact: Some of your readers may not know that the logo on the Mountain Toppers is different on each radio. The number of peaks displayed on the logo corresponds to the number of bands the radio includes.

    At one point I owned an MTR-3B_LCD, a, MTR-4B_v2, and an MTR-5B. I still have the 3B but decided since they were mostly shelf queens I would let other ops enjoy the others. Of course, that also made funds available for new adventures too!

  2. I like small, mostly. In field radios, small and compact, yet capable, is important. I own a number of QRP radios… I’ve been disappointed, and surprisingly pleased.

    Steve Weber is a pioneer of QRP radio design… and I’ve never been dissapointed. That said, I’ve only own a Mountain Topp’r MTR2b (kit), and the LNR MTR3b (original). The smaller MTR2b 20/40m has a “D” mode for data and a built-in CapKey from K6ARK. Adam did the install of the key in trade for the MTR3b original… (Thank you K6ARK!)

    These radios however, require a battery, and a key… and a suitable antenna…

    The KX2, has it all, in a small(ish) very capable, and amazing transceiver… All you really need is a wire & counterpoise…

    I have the elecraft key, a small throw line, a EFRW 9:1, a 28’ wire & c/P, a BNC Binder… I even using the original padded case.

    It’s small, and capable, no limits, except 5-10 watts… and if you use a well deployed wire… you can make contacts.

    1. In terms of complete station size? The Elecraft KX2 is very hard to beat. As you say: all is included in that one box. One only needs to add some sort of antenna and you’re on the air!

      1. As some one who just recently discovered the joys of CW QRP in the field, I really hope that the MTR3b makes a come back so I have an opportunity to snag one!

  3. This is the first i even knew about (mountain topper so i say thankyou for making us aware of your kx2-??? I have been a yaesu and heathkit and drake user and recently adding tentec. Along with a kenwood 120. So i have been watching elecraft. Price has kept me away i do prefer buying American my present objective is pouring concrete base for a tower and buying a cubex so thankyou for your pictures !

  4. Thank you for showing the size difference. It’s still amazing to how small the MTR-3B is compared to both other radios. I wonder why the MTR-4B is so much bigger. My KX2 is my favorite radio and only other radio for portable would be the MTR-3B. To bad it out of production.

  5. Something I think would be cool is to compare the QCX mini to the size of the mtr-3b. I’ve seen a random photo on Google and they are pretty similar in size.

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