Ken’s photos comparing five field radios

Many thanks to Ken (WW5A) who writes:

Hello Thomas-

I enjoy reading the posts on the QRPer. The size comparison photos recently posted got me thinking. I had taken a photo several months back of a X5105, 817, RS918 (McHF), G90 and a 705, basically to do the same thing (size comparison).

I have attached them for your amusement [click to enlarge]:


Ken WW5A

Thanks for sharing these, Ken. To me, it’s interesting to see the comparison between the FT-817 and the G90. When I owned a G90 I didn’t have an 817 at the time for comparison. It reminds me just how long/deep that G90 was! Also interesting to see that the mcHF clone is a wee bit wider than the IC-705. Thanks for sharing!

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  1. 817 v g90

    The 817ND HF wise compared to the G90 there’s no real comparison the G90 has an ATU / 20 watts & a Spectrum scope & Antenna Analyser plus SDR rx, I sold my G90 recently after an awful experience on a beach in Madeira (they are noisy waves on stones noisy) couldn’t hear any contacts unless using headphones and of course you stand up and it all goes over(should have brought the KX2 but we had 23 kg allowance so the G90 was packed with the mag loop). The G90 is less fiddly but no 6/2/70.

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