Joe’s DIY stand for the Icom IC-705

Many thanks to Joe (KD2QBK) who writes:

Hi Thomas:

Like many I’ve taken the plunge on an Icom IC-705. Even though I sold off an old Yaesu 817 to finance part of it, it still cost a very pretty penny and I didn’t want to shell out more for a tilt stand or bail.

Especially at the rather extravagant prices they’re going for now. $30, $40? No thank you. (Really, the radio, at $1300, should have come with one in the box, but why beat that dead horse – it is what it is.)

In any case, I looked around the house for something to DIY one with. I found a couple of metal angle brackets, screws that fit the mounting holes, and some tiny rubber bumpers to shield from nicking up the radio’s plastic case. Voila! Instant tilt stand. See pics:

And just the right angle too. My plan is to plastic-dip the brackets so I can get rid of the bumpers as well as not nick up any softer surface the radio sits on.

IC-705 Bluetooth Question

Meanwhile, a question for you and other owners of this radio.

What’s up with the Bluetooth function? I have three bluetooth speakers and a small audio amp with built in BT, and I can’t get audio to play through them. The unit sees the accessories and connects. But no sound. I’d updated the firmware to 1.24, just in case they might have addressed any issue. Still no joy.

That being said, I can control the radio via BT with android apps, etc, but no audio. A very disappointing development for such an expensive radio.

Oh well. The good with the bad and all that…

Joe Patti (KD2QBK)

Thank you for sharing this, Joe!  That’s a very clever and simple solution for the IC-705 stand. 

As for the Bluetooth functionality, I’ve yet to use it. Hopefully, someone here can chime in and comment with advice!

5 thoughts on “Joe’s DIY stand for the Icom IC-705”

  1. I’ve found that the SmallRig Universal Spring Cable Clamps (Amazon) do double duty. One as the mic cable clamp on the side of the Peovi cage and the other on the bottom 1/4X20 screw propping up the 705 to the right angle.

  2. I initally had challenges trying to connect bluetooth gear to my Icom Ic-R30 – you have to make sure the device uses the exact same bluetooth version as the transceiver.

  3. I use Apple AirPods with the 705 and sometimes it seems like there’s no sound until I realize the AF gain is too low. BTW, I don’t use them as a microphone because the sound is thin and hollow.

  4. I believe Bluetooth speakers have a different BT profile compare to what IC-705 supports (Headset Profile – HSP and Hands-Free Profile – HFP). So, at least with the current firmware – it’s rather limited to headsets only. Cheers, PA8MM

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