Prime Day deal on the Xiegu G90: $399 US shipped

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and have been considering the Xiegu G90, you might consider pulling the trigger today.

I just noticed that this G90 is on sale for Prime Day (June 22, 2021 being the last day) for $399.20 US. This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for the G90 including shipping and free returns.

I purchased and reviewed the Xiegu G90 last year for The Spectrum Monitor magazine.  I kept the G90 for a few months, but eventually sold it as I had planned to do from the beginning. I personally didn’t need 20 watts of output and since the G90 had no CW or SSB memory/message keying, I simply didn’t take it to the field a lot, instead opting for my smaller QRP radios.

However, I know some park and summit activators who almost exclusively use the G90 and love it. As I state in my review, it must be one of the best value radios on the market even for the $450 I paid.

There’s a reason the G90 is one of the most popular HF transceivers on the market.

Again, if you’ve been considering one, this might be a great time to pounce on one as it’s at least $25 less than the lowest price I’ve seen to date. You must be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of this deal. At time of posting, the seller still had 18 units in inventory.

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4 thoughts on “Prime Day deal on the Xiegu G90: $399 US shipped”

  1. Hello Thomas – I was never even remotely interested in any Xiegu radio, but for some reason, I’m eagerly awaiting the upcoming X6100. It’s tough not to compare the features with the IC-705 and I doubt many people will mention the X6100 without referring to the Icom in some capacity. I’ll be watching your blog for any updates as to its availibility.

    John AE5X

    1. I, too, look forward to the X6100.

      I think it could really be a winner if 1.) Xiegu has sorted out all obvious bugs when it starts shipping 2.) it has an internal sound card that directly pairs to a computing device without needing obscure USB drives and 3.) if it’s reasonable efficient in the field.

      Xiegu tends to a price leader, so if the X6100 is affordable it will attract some attention.


  2. I’ve used the G90 for activations and also for NAQCC milliwatt sprints (run one watt or less). Yes, it has no CW/SSB memories or full breakin CW, but it has a great ATU and – 20 watts. Not for everyone, up but at $400, it was for me.

  3. I purchased the G90 at the “regular price” of $450 and I can honestly say that I have not regretted the buy. It is a great radio capable of so much…. Yes, yes… it’s not an icom or elecraft by no means, but bang for the buck is good way to describe it. I always get excellent signal reports so I know the radio gets out. I do recommend the addition of the cooling fan / stand as a requirement, not an option for anyone running digital modes. Also, the built in antenna tuner is super! I did go one step further and forked out another $650 greenbacks to get the accompanying 100 watt amp which integrates superbly with the G90 for the days I want to do some shouting . I agree with Thomas, that if you were on the fence about buying the Xiegu G90, now would be the time to jump. I’m fairly certain that you won’t regret it! Thank you Thomas for the wonderful blog!

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