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More photos of the Xiegu X6200

Many thanks to my buddy, Don (W7SSB), who shares the following photos and product brochure of the yet-to-be-released Xiegu X6200.

The X6200 is not yet in the hands of reviewers, nor is it in production. This hasn’t stopped some people from “reviewing” this unit, so take anything you read up to this point with a grain of salt. A lot of folks have asked me what I think about the X6200, but I won’t comment until I’ve actually gotten a unit and tested it in the field.

I do have a few notes:

  1. I hope Xiegu takes time to have the X6200 thoroughly field-tested prior to production. In the past, early adopters have really taken on the role of Beta testing; it all makes for a very confusing evaluation period. In the same vein, I hope that more of the advertised functionality works from day one.
  2. Xiegu mentions that this unit has improved receiver sensitivity and a lower noise floor–both of these are most welcome. I hope this equates to more refined audio as well.
  3. I hope the receiver front end is more robust and has built-in BCI filtering. Previous models have suffered from overloading.

Of course, I will plan to review the X6200 and give it a thorough shake-down.


(Click on images to enlarge.)

Product brochure

Click here to download the preliminary product brochure (as of Dec 28, 2023). [PDF]

Two more images of the new Xiegu DDC/DUC portable transceiver

Many thanks to Don (W7SSB) who shares the following two product images/teasers courtesy of Xiegu (click images to enlarge):

Thanks for sharing these, Don, as a follow-up to our previous post.

Xiegu fans will be happy to see that this new transceiver has a removable battery pack. If this pack is easy to source/obtain, that will indeed be a strong point.

It looks like Xiegu has also added fixed rails to protect the front panel along with reinforcement around the chassis.

It looks quite durable, although it also appears there are two knobs protruding on the top of the radio–?

On our previous post, there were a number of skeptical comments about the new Xiegu transceiver. Indeed, some of the comments were from X6100 owners who feel that Xiegu hasn’t fully completed all of the published features promised in the ‘6100 (which was released two years ago). A number of owners also commented that getting support or repair work done after the one year warranty has challenging. These are, for sure, some of the risks associated with price-competitive radios. Xiegu radios offer a lot of features for the price.

After this radio new is released, I will reach out to Xiegu or Radioddity and ask for a loaner to test in the field. I’ll be very interested to know if it has a few of these improvements over previous models:

  • Better front end with some built-in BCI filtering
  • Cleaner audio with balanced AGC
  • Lower noise floor
  • Longer battery life than the X6100
  • Published features which actually work in the first production run

I haven’t gotten a confirmation of the price or availability yet.

Stay tuned!

New Product: Xiegu has a new DDC/DUC portable transceiver in the works

Image source: Xiegu (click to enlarge)

It appears Xiegu has a new direct-sampling SDR portable transceiver in the works.

Image source: Xiegu (click to enlarge)

Along with the photos above, here’s the teaser Xiegu shared via their Twitter account today:

Xiegu New product Introduction

It is a new generation of ultra-portable shortwave transceiver. It adopts advanced RF direct sampling architecture and is equipped with powerful baseband and RF units. It integrates rich functions of major models and has built-in popular remote network control function. [B]ringing you a new amateur radio experience.

    • RF direct acquisition architecture, HF/50MHz full-mode transceiver
    • Supports listening to WFM broadcast frequency bands and supports listening to aviation frequency bands
    • Built-in high-efficiency automatic antenna tuner
    • Support network remote control
    • Integrated standing wave scanner and voice pager
    • Integrated modem, preset text messages, CW automatic calling
    • Standardly equipped with high stability TCXO internal clock source
    • External expansion equipment can be connected to expand the frequency band