More photos of the Xiegu X6200

Many thanks to my buddy, Don (W7SSB), who shares the following photos and product brochure of the yet-to-be-released Xiegu X6200.

The X6200 is not yet in the hands of reviewers, nor is it in production. This hasn’t stopped some people from “reviewing” this unit, so take anything you read up to this point with a grain of salt. A lot of folks have asked me what I think about the X6200, but I won’t comment until I’ve actually gotten a unit and tested it in the field.

I do have a few notes:

  1. I hope Xiegu takes time to have the X6200 thoroughly field-tested prior to production. In the past, early adopters have really taken on the role of Beta testing; it all makes for a very confusing evaluation period. In the same vein, I hope that more of the advertised functionality works from day one.
  2. Xiegu mentions that this unit has improved receiver sensitivity and a lower noise floor–both of these are most welcome. I hope this equates to more refined audio as well.
  3. I hope the receiver front end is more robust and has built-in BCI filtering. Previous models have suffered from overloading.

Of course, I will plan to review the X6200 and give it a thorough shake-down.


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Product brochure

Click here to download the preliminary product brochure (as of Dec 28, 2023). [PDF]

12 thoughts on “More photos of the Xiegu X6200”

  1. As far as note #3 is concerned how do you think they offer them so cheap? They have to leave something out to cut costs. It really is a shame that Icom, Yaesu, & Kenwood can’t innovate like XIEGU does and as rapidly as they do. I am totally anti-cheap Chinese radio just for the reason of them sounding horrible on receive, having horrible front ends, and such dirty transmitters.

    1. Xiegu radios are not baofeng. They are completely FCC compliant devices and work well.
      China is leading the world in technology and manufacturing. Chineses products are just as good if not better than products produced elsewhere these days. Gone are the days of blanket statements being true like, Chinese stuff is cheap and crummy

  2. Wow! They’re really going hard for a IC-705 clone aren’t they! I would be extremely surprised if they were able to improve the audio that much from the barely usable x6100. I only had my x6100 for about 18 hours before it was back in the mail for a refund. I have a gut feeling that this may just be an x6100 in a IC-705-like case

    1. I have x6100 and 705 for 3 years, I like the xiegu much better had been flawless I will be selling the 705, I don’t think it’s about quote “they'”, is not a conspiracy to take over the icom world or any other for that matter, much better to have choices each person should evaluate determine what fits their needs and make their choice accordingly. There’s not a one size fits all for everyone I’ve been a ham for over 30 years very heavy in the QRP and portable operations as the previous owner of communication outfitters and maker of the expedition packs for the yaesu FT817 and 18 I’m not new to this.

      Personally I welcome New editions makes this time in life an exciting one from those who began with tubes to the currently available SDR portable QRP units that are full featured no matter what. Persons can critique and pick apart any concept, product or others desires to make their own footprint in the radio world. I do love the 6200 form Factor so much better than the form factor of the 705 that literally is a double size brick to hold I believe as long as you get a currently supported 6100 by radiodity or other places, such as Amazon which is where I purchase mine it is been without any problems and it’s my go-to and in my everyday carry bag.

      Have fun everyone enjoy experimentation make your own opinions based on your own personal review knowing that sometimes the litmus test is your ability to be adventurous and experiment If you don’t have that spirit then you probably shouldn’t been in this hobby

      if you do then cheers to you and enjoy life is short. 73 and Happy New Year.

      1. Very well said Greg. I have also been a Ham for over 30 years and never owned an Icom product and never will. I have had an FT-817 for many years. I bought a X6100 in July 2023 Just after I started in POTA. As of this week I have done over 70 of my 85 activation’s with the X6100 SSB and 5 watts. I have had many compliments on my signal, my audio, and made contacts all over North America and regularly into Europe. I love this Radio. Is it perfect, no, but it is fun, ,and it works. Any radio can be improved on. The best QRP radio is the one you have with you at the time. It is all what you want. If you want desktop performance then stay home or lug it with you. If you want to activate POTA style and like QRP, then bring a QRP radio of your choice. If you think about it we should be trying to show the QRO world that QRP POTA really does work and it is fun. Isn’t that what this hobby is supposed to be? I hope the new X6200 radio is a great success and improves QRP. I have no use for people that bash other radios. While everyone has there own opinions, let’s be constructive, talk about the good things like the amazing X6100/6200 industry best display and promote QRP. I hope every one has a Happy 2024 and makes tons of QRP contacts. 72 Tim, VE3VTH.

    2. Speaking of that case. That case looks like some of the old portable tabletop shortwave receivers from days long past. I can’t get over how hideous this thing looks…. 😉

      Todd KH2TJ

  3. As a disappointed, but not entirely unhappy owner of the 6100, I am now feeling more buyers remorse that Xiegu will come out so soon with a replacement model in the 6200. What is the 6100 owner supposed to do with their radio if this model is indeed an improvement? I know this is silly to say, but Xiegu should allow 6100 owners a trade-up option for the 6200. I own a IC705, which Xiegu cannot match in quality or capability. So my 6100 is my back up QRP rig and my CW practice keyer.

    If the IC705 had a built in tuner it would be the perfect QRP radio. Let’s go ICOM, it doesn’t seem like a big ask.

  4. I hope they fit it with a decent optical encoder for the VFO, rather than the mechanical switching types used on the g90/x5105. Even the tx-500 cut costs in that area which is pretty shoddy.

  5. This is not a “backpack” portable radio but even so, the power draw in “standby” seems high. I have limited use for FM Broadcast and Air Band. It would be more useful if they had extended receive up to 165MHz – to include the 2m amateur band and the national weather service broadcasts on 162MHz.

    As far early adopters being beta testers? Not so terrible for low cost product like this but nothing like what Elecraft is doing with their K4! For $6500 you can join that beta test group! Many small companies have moved to this business model – it seems to be acceptable.

    I am backpacking less – recently sold my early S/N KX2 and I am back to my (modified) FT-817ND. Here’s a shout-out for the FT-817 – it’s still the best all round QRP transceiver! Especially when you get rid of the heavy steel covers!

    73 Dave

  6. I hope they do better with the jacks. Surface mount is fragile for a portable radio. It wouldn’t be hard to have something mounted and wired conventionally. I hope they use a larger and better sounding speaker. The RF front end filtering along with a replaceable battery would be nice as well. A standard 18650 set would be nice. In some photos it looks like there is a opening under the battery door. Hopefully it has some weather sealing below the battery and not just a big opening to unprotected circuit boards. Well I can dream anyway.
    73s John N4HNO

  7. Thanks for not doing a review on a radio you have never touched.

    I wish more folks in the ham radio space had your integrity.

  8. My biggest problem with Xiegu is that they release a radio about every other year and do very little to support radios whose replacements are in production. This is the kiss of death for updates to the x6100.

    I wish they would embrace a more open model and encourage third party software on their devices.

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