Video: Mike shows just how quickly he can deploy the Explorer mast

Many thanks to Mike (KE8PTX) who shares the following video as a follow-up to his previous post about the new Explorer POTA 20 telescoping mast (which I have on order via GigaParts).

In this video, Mike shows just how quickly he’s able to deploy the Explorer using his 3D-printed tent stake holder:

Click here to view on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “Video: Mike shows just how quickly he can deploy the Explorer mast”

  1. What a great demo!

    I often lean my mast into a lower branch to support it, but the spike works well. Simplicity just makes a whole lot of sense.

    Thanks Mike!

    de W7UDT

  2. I have a portable telescope 20 ft flag pole with umbrella stake. Not as fast as the Explorer mask but not by much.

    For a few hours in a park don’t need to spend much time putting up an antenna but do want to have a good one like an end fed.

  3. I have to twist each section a little bit to keep it from collapsing once it is up and the ambient temperature rises.

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