Ham-Map: OK1SIM creates an interactive park and summit map!

Many thanks to Michal (OK1SIM) who writes:

I needed a map, so I programmed it!

While planning one of the WWFF activities, I sighed that there was no map that suited me. So I started to program the map myself, even though I’m not a programmer, it’s not my job, I have some basics of PHP and MySQL and I’ve already done some web applications. I found out first where to download fresh reference data, I created daily synchronization into my own database so that I don’t have to worry about adding, deleting or changing. Over reference data, I then created an application using Leaflet and excellent Czech tourist mapmaps mapy.cz that shows WWFF, POTA, SOTA and GMA references. It’s all in development, I can think of other features. I’ve newly put it on the domain ham-map.com and I’m going to make the OpenSource code available on GitHub.

I place the greatest emphasis on usability on both a classic computer and a mobile phone. There are certainly many similar map applications with references, mine is just another one and it’s mine.

In the near future I’ll make available downloading data in .GPX format to an offline map application and the ability to view never-activated WWFF areas.


73 de Michal OK1SIM

Thank you for sharing your resource with us, Michael! I like how detailed the map layer is as well. Well done!

19 thoughts on “Ham-Map: OK1SIM creates an interactive park and summit map!”

    1. Thanks Bob,

      I appreciate your feedback and I’m glad that someone finds it useful. Thanks for the support and motivation. I’ll try to improve the whole thing in the future. I thought that what’s useful for me could be useful for others …

        1. Yes Libor, that would be very nice, but unfortunately it’s impossible. Some boundaries are visible on the map. Unfortunately, the source of the boundaries of the parks is different and even mapy.cz doesn’t know all the parks on the map. Defining and drawing the boundaries of the parks around the world is not my goal – I think it’s impossible. But maybe someone will find an idea how to do it. It’s enough for me, I already look for specific boundaries of the park elsewhere – often in a local source.

    1. Thanks Chris, I’d like to make it an opensource project for the foreseeable future. I certainly don’t want to keep it to myself, my knowledge is not so great that I can realize what’s in my head …

  1. Thanks for the brilliant map, Michael OK1SIM. Congratulations! On your map, so far you have put all the WWFF sites. I await the SOTA, POTA (IOTA? MOTA? LHOTA? …) sites with anticipation.

  2. D’oh! Don’t bother replying to my earlier post! I have found POTA, SOTA, etc. I could find my local summits, so long as I restricted my search to G-land (I haven’t looked further yet, but I will!)

    1. Clyde, no problem, controlling and selecting other programs isn’t exactly the best, I’m aware of that – so I understand you didn’t find it right away. I’ll be looking for improvements in the future. I’d like to add other programs if I can find the right (and current) resources to display them.

    1. Andy thanks. Why not, lighthouses can be. I would need some, ideally an online source in csv or xml format or at worst even xls/xlsx – in fact any source can be processed – I just need names and coordinates and references (or other information if available) – it is practically very easy to add it to the map. If you know the source for lighthouses, please send it to me, I will try to incorporate it.

    1. Peter, you’re welcome. Thank you for using the Czech language – in fact, although I like Czech, English is just … more natural for me in relation to our hobby 🙂 thank you so much for the feedback, I’m glad that someone else will benefit from it. I know it’s not perfect, I’ll keep working on it.

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