HamMap.io: Marcin’s Solution for Visualizing Boundaries in POTA/SOTA Activities

Many thanks to Marcin (SP5ORI) who writes:

When I started activating parks and summits last year, I searched for an app to visualize park boundaries, but none met my needs. While there are many applications for POTA and SOTA activators, none offered this specific feature…

Check this out: https://www.hammap.io

Countless times I heard, “It would be great to see park boundaries…” followed by, “This can’t be done” or “That’s impossible.” I took on the challenge, and this is the result.

I’ve recorded three videos to showcase the app, available on YouTube:


Going Deeper:

More Features:

What makes this app special?

    • See parks and summits on one map
    • View park boundaries (currently includes ~98% of Polish parks)
    • Voivodeship shapes for Poland
    • Country shapes
    • Spatial relations (N-fers)
    • Determine if a summit is in a park
    • Identify parks within another park
    • Find nearby summits
    • Flags
    • Powerful general search
    • Explore details at any point on the map
    • Activation spots

The app is still a work in progress, and we’ll be adding more areas soon.

What do you think?

Marcin SP5ORI

14 thoughts on “HamMap.io: Marcin’s Solution for Visualizing Boundaries in POTA/SOTA Activities”

  1. Hi Marcin, I am currently in Iceland and cannot access the map with my android phone. “Mobile view is not yet supported”.

    John TF/AE5X

      1. Not sure if ham-map can show you if you are in 2fer or 3fer. Marcin’s site can do this and even add some info about parking or shelter in the park.

      2. Hi John, for now mobile view is disabled, because it was causing some issues on smartphones – it has nothing to do with your location – it will work fine on your computer or tablet.
        When I’ll sort out some other important issues, I’ll make it working on smartphone’s too.
        Note, that ham-map.com and hammap.io are different web applications, it’s just a coincidence that they were announced in such a short period of time 🙂

  2. Looking forward to when users can upload shapefiles for the parks. I have some data on my laptop saved in QGIS I would happily contribute to this.

  3. The integration of parks and summits is helpful for finding where they overlap. Great to see the stats on each site. Let us know what you need to make the product better and how to support it.

  4. In reply to some latest comments – the ability to upload shapes will be one of the next features which will be added, when I get over with some administrative/linux issues I’m dealing now.
    If anyone could and would share some shape’s (ever for tests), that would be beneficial. Also when you find some issues/bugs just write me an email.
    I am aware that currently full potential of the app can be only seen when exploring Poland, and my Polish colleauges are making very good job finding potential issues, so I believe soon there’ll be only a matter of finding and importing the shapes… Yeah I’m an optimist 🙂

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