Check Out Vince’s Quick Start Guide to SOTAmat!

If you’re not familiar, SOTAmat is an incredibly valuable app and tool for spotting yourself on the SOTA or POTA networks when you’re truly off-grid and outside the range of mobile phone service.

Check out this two minute intro to SOTAmat:

Setting up SOTAmat for the first time can be a bit confusing, but it’s not difficult. It is important, however, that everything is set up in advance of your SOTA or POTA adventures.

Our friend Vince (VE6LK) has just published a “Quick Start” guide to SOTAmat. It’s concise, and covers everything you’ll need to get set up and running with SOTAmat!

Click here to watch on YouTube.

Thanks for putting this tutorial together, Vince!

SOTAmat is an incredibly powerful resource for those of us who activate parks and summits in remote locations. I highly recommend downloading the app and making it a part of your SOTA/POTA tool kit!

For more information about SOTAmat and for links to the apps, check out the SOTAmat website!

3 thoughts on “Check Out Vince’s Quick Start Guide to SOTAmat!”

  1. Whoa, thx for the SOTAMAT ref. I was just reading Vince’s blog. This will be useful back home in the land of limited connectivity. Currently in WV and enjoying the many tall trees just begging for wire antennae. Back home our spindly spruce are less accommodating.
    TU’s to Vince and Thomas!
    Bill KL4TQ

  2. Nice video from Vince!
    SOTAmat is so handy when you’re off-grid and the developer Brian, AB6D is very helpful. It saved me several SOTA activations where there was no cell phone coverage and neither APRS was available.
    At the HamRadio in Friedrichshafen I gave a presentation in English about it and you can find the corresponding PDF on my SOTA page. I also created a short YouTube video showing its practical use when I was in Spain.
    73 Stephan, HB9EAJ

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