SOTA/POTA activation plans today (March 8, 2021)

The weather is gorgeous here in the mountains of western North Carolina so I’m plotting a SOTA activation of Elk Knob (W4C/EM-005) and Elk Knob State Park (K-2728) or WWFF (KFF-2728).

Propagation isn’t looking that fabulous despite the amazing weather.

I hope to be on the air sometime between 17:00-18:00 UTC and have announced the following frequencies: 7063, 7197, 14040, and 14313. Of course, all of this is subject to change depending on travel time to the site and how quickly I manage the hike to the summit.

I’m planning to take the KX2 and I’ve yet to decide which antenna. Likely will take a vertical because I’m uncertain if there will be trees on the summit.

I plan to make a video to accompany my future field report (again, if all goes well).

If you happen to be near a radio, I’d love to put you in the logs!

Look for me to appear on the Reverse Beacon Network as I’ll start with CW–click here to search. Also, check out the spots on SOTA, POTA, and WWFF.

Really looking forward to a good hike and good weather!

6 thoughts on “SOTA/POTA activation plans today (March 8, 2021)”

    1. I do indeed! For today, though, the game is all about all-in-one and as compact as possible since there’s a “strenuous” hike involved. I reckon I’ll figure out what strenuous means when I get there! 🙂


    1. Hi, Ariel,

      I was on around 12:00 local. 20M CW was gangbusters. Logged 38 or 39 total and even an S2S with DJ5AV. The weather was spectacular. I’m so glad I chose Elk Knob, too. One of the nicest trails I’ve been on in months.


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