Paul’s CW Club Lookup for Logging Applications

Many thanks to Paul Evans (W4/VP9KF) who writes:

If you’re using a logging program and you need instant look-up of who is in what CW Club, you can use the following page, which I look after:

CW Club Call History files:

These files are kept up-to-date on a daily basis. You’ll see that this currently lists memberships of 117 different clubs, including the vast majority of QRP clubs, a surprisingly high number.

Thank you for sharing this resource, Paul!

2 thoughts on “Paul’s CW Club Lookup for Logging Applications”

  1. LICW, for some reason, limits access to their ‘simple’ membership list. This seems a bit contrary to encouraging non-members to work members in the LICW Challenge.
    In a newly modified header to the CW Clubs table you’ll see that LICW may soon be placed in the ‘Other’ club category.
    Tnx fer ur input Steve.

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