Jan’s Unun and Balun antenna PCBs

Over on Mastodon, Jan (DG1JAN) posted a few images of a PCB-based antenna project he made available on github. At my request, Jan kindly shared the following information so you can order your own PCBs with design files he has made available.

Jan writes:

Hello Thomas,

I mostly do portable operation (SOTA, COTA, WWFF,…) and I
like playing around with different antennas (EFHW, Linked Dipoles, OCFD…).

So I came up with a little PCB some time ago that you can use as an UnUn (1:49, 1:9) or BalUn (1:1, 1:4) in different configurations.

I’ve put this under CC License so everybody can reuse or modify the Design (PCB Files in Kicad-Format) or order PCB from any Manufacture (e.g. like JLCPCB) by using the Gerber-Zip-File in the repository.

Please have a look to the Project Page on github for details and source-files: https://github.com/DG1JAN/UniBalun

In addition I’ve done some variations of the PCB, e.g. as a
“UnUn only” variant:

Or a “micro” variant of a UnUn:

There are some videos from (mostly) German OMs on YT about the build and usage.

vy 73 de Jan, DG1JAN

Thank you so much for sharing this, Jan! Readers, it’s pretty affordable to use a service like OshPark to order a few of these PCBs. Simply upload the provided Gerber files and they’ll make them for you.

7 thoughts on “Jan’s Unun and Balun antenna PCBs”

  1. I have been using these and sharing the result with the club. I printed 15 of them on OSHPark for a very reasonable price. It’s useable as a 1:1, 1:4, 1:9, and of course the 49/64:1 types. (I wound the 1:9 in the style of the 49:1s ..ie 3 primary and adding 6 as a secondary winding. And it worked great-go figure?).
    It’s a great tool and I really appreciate the work in the design. If you wanna make a Kcad with one including winder wings, that would be one hot item.

  2. Okay this is border line scary. I was looking around on OSH park for another project and saw this listed and had to order. I was about to type you up an email and BAM I see an article on it! LOL get out of my head!!

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