Check out US7IGN’s “PFR-5” QRP Radio!

My good friend, Wlod (US7IGN), sent me the following message recently and has kindly allowed me to share it here on QRPer:

Hi Thomas,

I was going to write to you too. I saw your posts on about QRP field kits and decided to share my collection of QRP radios, which I keep now. One of them is my homemade one.

I called it PFR-5 because it has 5 bands, unlike original PFR-3, which was taken as a basis.

The rest are my friends’ radios that I’m temporarily storing. Tulip/Tulipan SDR from SP3OSJ, ELECRAFT KX3, and copy of Mountain Topper and original PFR-3.

I did not compare them, because this needs to be done outside the city where there is no noise and you can evaluate their RX performance, which I cannot do now for obvious reason.

Have a good day!

73 de US7IGN!

Thant’s brilliant, Wlod! I think you may have the only PFR-5 in the world! Ha ha! I love how you marked it as the “Ukrainian Edition” and gave it that brilliant image on the front face.

Thanks for sharing with us, OM! I dream of the day you can take these radios to the field and give them a proper comparison. 

4 thoughts on “Check out US7IGN’s “PFR-5” QRP Radio!”

  1. That’s a beautiful piece of homebrew equipment. I am presently reading Wlod’s book ‘War Dairies’ which I obtained from the RSGB here in the UK.
    It really is quite thrilling just looking at the beauty of the front of that rig never mind what’s inside. Congratulations Wlod. Here’s to peace in your beautiful country 73.

  2. I love the Hendricks! I’ve been scouring the used markets for years now… and the kits are no longer available. Thanks for the show….

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