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Check out US7IGN’s “PFR-5” QRP Radio!

My good friend, Wlod (US7IGN), sent me the following message recently and has kindly allowed me to share it here on QRPer:

Hi Thomas,

I was going to write to you too. I saw your posts on QRPer.com about QRP field kits and decided to share my collection of QRP radios, which I keep now. One of them is my homemade one.

I called it PFR-5 because it has 5 bands, unlike original PFR-3, which was taken as a basis.

The rest are my friends’ radios that I’m temporarily storing. Tulip/Tulipan SDR from SP3OSJ, ELECRAFT KX3, and copy of Mountain Topper and original PFR-3.

I did not compare them, because this needs to be done outside the city where there is no noise and you can evaluate their RX performance, which I cannot do now for obvious reason.

Have a good day!

73 de US7IGN!

Thant’s brilliant, Wlod! I think you may have the only PFR-5 in the world! Ha ha! I love how you marked it as the “Ukrainian Edition” and gave it that brilliant image on the front face.

Thanks for sharing with us, OM! I dream of the day you can take these radios to the field and give them a proper comparison.