Elecraft AX1 and AX2 packages with free shipping in February Specials

This month, I’ll be posting a number of field reports using the Elecraft AX1 on a wide variety of radios.

Serendipitously, Elecraft is offering up AX1 and AX2 package deals for February 2023. Many thanks to Mark (KM3P) for the tip!

The AX1 Package ($151.85 US) includes an:

  • AX1 Multi-Band Whip Antenna
  • AXB1 Whip BiPod
  • and AXT1 Tripod Adapter

Note that this does not include the 40M coil extension. That would need to be purchased separately.

The AX2 Package ($101.94 US) includes an:

  • AX2 Minature 20-Meter Whip Antenna
  • and AXB1 Whip BiPod for AX-Line Whips

Ironically–and a testament to my terrible timing–I purchased the equivalent of the AX2 package on Jan 30 (yes, two days before the Feb sale started) and I paid $130.51 shipped. I can confirm that $101.94 shipped is a great price!

I decided to purchase a second AX1 package yesterday, basically to have a dedicated AX1 system for my Elecraft KX2 field kit.

Click here to checkout the full February 2023 specials at Elecraft.com.

Note that Elecraft is not a sponsor of QRPer.com (though they really should be, shouldn’t they–? Please put in a good word for us!) and I have no affiliation with them other than buying, using, and evaluating their products.

13 thoughts on “Elecraft AX1 and AX2 packages with free shipping in February Specials”

  1. I want to get the AX2 Whip but unfortunately I ordered this ES-80 earlier this week to us a s a field case for my IC-705. I don’t think the Missus would be very happy with me if I spent another $101.
    Now i could find a buyer for my LC-192 backpack for the 705 I may be able to swing the AX2,


    1. Aww, just tell her the new antenna, pack, radio or ____ (fill in the blank) is the equivalent of the support miniature pig you’ve always needed to help you fly on airlines. (I haven’t actually tried this yet). 73, K5VQN

    2. It is Sunday night Feb 26 and I just ordered the AX2 package along with the tripod mount. I have been debating it all month and finally decided that since I would eventually order it someday, I might as well jump in on the special.

      I am now officially done buying radio gear for at least 6 months. Need to focus my spending towards buying a house.


      1. You won’t regret that purchase, Marshall. When you’re short on time and need to fit in a quick activation, AX2 will come in very handy!

    1. Hi Amham,

      I have used the Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod. It is small and lightweight so it is easily portable. It is even sturdy enough that I have mounted my IC-705 on it a few times. Only about $25 on Amazon.


    2. I use this one from Amazon for $10. It folds up and fits in the Maxpedition Organizer that Thomas recommended along with the antenna, tripod adapter, counterpoise wires and the two coils. It is not good on a windy day though, so be warned. I’ve also tried my camera tripod once and that worked well, too.

      Amazon Basics Lightweight Mini Tripod

      Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer https://a.co/d/61uLIZd

  2. Thanks for posting this, Thomas. I was on the fence for the AX1 after seeing how well it works for you with QRP CW and almost pulled the trigger earlier on the week. Now I’m getting it for a discount (and I got the 40m coil, too)!

    Looking forward to using it with my 705 and a tuner. Also have a Penntek TR-35 in the build queue, and thinking this would make a pretty amazing ultra-portable activation machine with that and a small manual tuner.

    I have some international travel planned over the Summer in Greece, so this will be great for some fast and light activations. Also, there are some parks in my back yard that are a challenge to activate (like Ford’s Theater in DC … not sure how a building is a park … but it is!). This might allow me to activate it someday from the sidewalk where pretty much anything else would get in the way of the hordes of tourists and pedestrians.

    This is going to be fun.

  3. Thanks, Thomas (and Mark) for the heads up on the special!

    I’ve been eyeballing the AX1 and AX2 for a little bit now after this series of videos… I think it would be a good replacement for my AlexLoop when I need something more easily packed during my air travel. Ordered the AX2 this morning 😉

    My most recent trip would have been a perfect example since I didn’t bring my large hard sided suitcase (or AlexLoop) with not having to bring the extra gear I do, so I didn’t check a bag. With the AX2, I could have still done VaraHF or JS8 from the hotel in a pinch.

    I’ll have to look into the capacitance hat with my 705 now…

    1. Side note, I also am curious to see how the AX2 performs from my QTH since I’m about as far NW and away from everyone else in the country as you can get. I think I’d still be able to validate an activation out here (wish we had more parks…), but probably not as fast as I can when traveling around the other side of the country.

      Since almost all of my travel takes me to the more populated parts of the country, I’m looking forward to having this in my kit!

  4. Got mine AX1 February deal via UPS yesterday Tom. Got a desktop tripod with the Mantis Training Kit so I’m in business! Hoping to activate Brookhaven State Park with it this week.
    Thanks for the tip on the February AX1+ deal.
    72 de KE2YK

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