ES80 padded cases on sale at Elecraft

Many thanks to Marshall (W4MKH) who writes:

Hi Thomas,

I thought you or your readers might like to know that Elecraft has a limited number of the ES80 cases on sale at half price. They have a slightly crooked logo but I doubt it will be noticeable when the case is stuffed full of gear.

I bought one for my IC-705 and USPS says it is out for delivery today (Wednesday). Just ordered it on Sunday.

Marshall (W4MKH)

Thank you for the tip, Marshall! You’ll have to share some pics with your gear loaded in the ES80!

8 thoughts on “ES80 padded cases on sale at Elecraft”

  1. I have one crooked one, and a perfect one. I can barely see the difference! Half price made it perfect!


    1. I only have the crooked one. But sometimes I think I see it and other times I don’t see the crookedness. And at half off, it is good enough for me. But I do wish it had a zippered mesh pocket like the CS40. Still trying to figure out where to put things but that is part of the fun of ham radio.


  2. Great notification,unfortunately I’m outside of the states and the minimum shipping costs is over twice as much as the case. Oh well.

    Kindest regards


  3. I bought same for my KX3 and Px3. Probably Still have room for a mic or other equipment.
    Great value.
    Billy kG4SXS

    1. I was really surprised how fast it arrived. Ordered on Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday in NC.

      My IC-705 is a tight fit but that is okay. I always seem to overstuff my small cases. Snowing this weekend so I will be building some EFHW antennas and finish packing out the ES60. I’ll get out into the park next week to fine tune them.


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