New N0SA SP4 POTA/SOTA Mini Morse Code Magnetic Paddle from CW Morse

Update: This post was originally posted a few days ago which turned out to be prior to this paddle being in-stock in any quantity. CW Morse has some of these online and available for order at time of posting this morning (14 Nov 2022) and will have many more later this week. We’ll post an update on QRPer when their main production run is available. 

Many thanks to Timothy who notes that CW Morse has added a new key to their product line: the SP4 POTA/SOTA Mini Morse Code Magnetic Paddle.

This key looks a lot like the N0SA paddle you see in many of my videos because it is designed by N0SA and made by CW Morse!

Here’s the description from CW Morse’s website:

The SP4 POTA/SOTA CW Morse Magnetic Iambic Double Paddle – Designed By N0SA.

Super Lightweight, Portable Compact Paddle With An Attached 3.5mm Cable.

Uses Magnetic Tension And Easily Adjustable With Stainless Steel Contacts.

Great for portable operations, and supplied with 3M Dual Lock Velcro for easy mounting and removal of the paddle from base or anything of your choosing.

FEATURES: Small and light weight – only 1.7ozs.
WITH BASE: Small and removable from base – 1.25 lbs.

Measures 2.5″ x 1.1″ x 1″

Frame and finger pieces are 3D printed with carbon fiber reinforced PETG.

Levers are solid CNC Machined 6061 aluminum.

3 foot flexible cloth covered cord with molded 1/8” plug stays flexible down to 0 Deg F.

All fasteners used are Stainless Steel.

Allen wrench that is needed for spacing adjustment is also included with the key.

Adjustments stay put when set, so adjust once and forget about it! 🙂

This paddle is available with or without a steel base.

I have not tried this new paddle yet, but I did know it was in the works. I’m so glad it’s now being offered because I’m a huge fan of both N0SA and CW Morse (disclaimer: CW Morse is a proud sponsor and affiliate of

The price for the new key is $82.95 without a base or $109.95 with base.

Click here to check out the new N0SA paddle at CW Morse.

20 thoughts on “New N0SA SP4 POTA/SOTA Mini Morse Code Magnetic Paddle from CW Morse”

  1. CW Morse is teaming up with N0SA to produce paddles of his design! This is great news!

    I really like my N0SA-made SPOTA paddles, and would happily back-order a set from CW Morse.

  2. I picked up a set from N0SA early in January right after he developed them. I’m far from an expert on paddles but after about year in use I have found no issues. Now I have my share of trouble sending but it’s no fault of the paddles.

    They are very comparable to the all metal SOTA Paddles he produced a year or so earlier. I have an example of each and they have both been great. Chances are if you’ve worked me on a POTA/SOTA in the last year, these are the paddles I was using.

    I find they are slightly easier to hold than the original. With the plastic being a little rough it really helps the grip. I don’t get my fingers in the sides causing extra characters to be sent either.

    Glad to see they are being produced in a larger qty.

    Thanks Thomas.

  3. Hmmm…they sold out so quickly, I’m wondering if that product page was a place holder we discovered.

    I’ll get in touch with CW Morse!


    1. I might pull this post until I hear back from them. I don’t want to cause them too many inquiries. 🙂

  4. Update, the page is now live, but for anyone outside the US you will need to follow the link to their ebay store.

    It works, I’ve ordered!

    Thomas, will you stop feeding my QRP addiction…. ?

    73 Richard M0RGM . .

    1. Hi, Richard,

      “Thomas, will you stop feeding my QRP addiction…. ”

      Short answer is no, but, keep in mind that QRP is safer than recreational drugs or gambling. ?

      I’m pretty sure they’ll be opening up for international orders very soon, too–perhaps later this week.


  5. I like the looks of this very much but some of these keys are getting so small they remind me of Zoolander’s flip phone from the first movie. Putting the penny in the photo was a nice touch.

  6. I have the N0SA paddle that preceded the SOTA paddle. Same core paddle concept, but without the cage around it. This should be a winner and I just put an order in.

  7. quick question, is this a mag mount style to attach to the metal base as are some other CWMorse paddles? or the velcro, or some other method?

    Looking forward to the “InStock” symbol coming back up soon!

  8. Great news! Thank you for sharing this, Thomas. I am not ashamed to admit that I have coveted your all steel N0SA key and really felt like I had missed out on them forever when I contacted Larry earlier in the year and he explained that he was indefinitely done with making batches of paddles.

    I shall now patiently await the next batch to drop so I can order from CW Morse!

    Maybe they will be able to secure permission to reproduce some other designs that have been hard to find? All steel N0SA SOTA paddle? Or dare I say it… Palm Pico???

  9. Looks like pre-orders at least are available now – I just placed an order via the link above with shipping later in the month. Phew!

  10. I emailed them today asking for an ETA on new stock. Got a response back pretty darn quick from Joseph. I now how have one on backorder, which is fine with me. Great customer service from

  11. The new paddles arrived today and I hooked them up to the K3 in the shack and had a nice QSO with them. I am going to make an early prediction that with this balance of price and performance, these will become a new goto and recommended key. This is an excellent implementation of the N0SA design and they are light and very responsive.

    My favorites prior to this are the N0SA SSP & BaMaTech TP-III at nearly twice the cost. I think I favor the CW Morse SP4 already. Nice to have so many great options.


    1. Yes I got mine yesterday. I made the mistake of tightening the middle tension screw to tight and the key wasn’t iambic but cw Morse helped me and we’re back in business.

      Mike, AD8EV

  12. My CW Morse SP4 SOTA/POTA Key arrived this morning. Its body is 1/4″ longer than my N0SA SP-X key. That fits well with my keying style, while remaining very compact. Adjustments were minor (I tightened contact spacing and increased return tension) and I was good for POTA hunting with my IC 7300 at 22 wpm (I made no keyer adjustments after swapping with the Begali Simplex that lives on my desk). I am very pleased!

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