CW Morse N0SA SP4 Mini Paddles in stock again!

Many of you have been asking about N0SA SP4 paddles and when they might be in stock once again.

I’m happy to note that CW Morse have inventory at time of posting. They do these paddles in production runs, so if you find that they’re out of stock again, check back again soon as they’re finishing batches of them every few days.

Click here to check out the SP4 at CW Morse.

Note that CW Morse is a proud supporter of and the link above is an affiliate link that helps QRPer at no cost to you. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “CW Morse N0SA SP4 Mini Paddles in stock again!”

  1. Thomas – thanks for posting this info. This key was recommended to me for POTA so I’ve wanted one and just placed my order! Looking forward to adding this key to my kit.

  2. I placed my key on the edge of the base using double sided tape.. Not in the centre like the website pictures. With the paddles hanging over the edge. It give you more finger room and more back end weight preventing the key from moving. 🙂
    A fun key to use ! 73 Mike

  3. After getting in touch with CWMorse few weeks ago I’m now a happy owner of a N0SA SP4. The support from the team has been fantastic since I’m based in Italy and they don’t sell outside US via their main website.

    All the best! 73 Michele

  4. I have been using my key with my (tr)uSDX .
    It’s been working out well.
    Great match !
    73 Chuck

  5. This is certainly tempting!

    I’d welcome comments- how is the cord attached to the keyer?

    I’ve destroyed a Tini-Key when it fell off the bench. Lost a Palm Nanopaddle – despite a return visit with a metal detector. The fragile cable attachment on a Palm Mini-paddle failed. For good measure, I watched a set of Vibroplex Iambic D paddles slide off a tilting surface and explode when it hit the ground.
    Doh!. Just hard on keyer paddles I guess.

    I’m now using a 3-pound Begali ‘Expedition’, but it’s not a lightweight portable solution. My wife gifted me a Pelican case for it, and that’s a great protective solution for the paddles. So far so good.

    73- Dave, K1SWL

    1. Dave,

      The cable is soldered directly to a set of pads on the PCB that sits below the paddle levers and above a 3D printed bottom cover. It is held in place with friction between the outer cloth shielding and a semi-circular opening in the 3D printed base.

      1. Matt-

        Thanks very much for that info! It sounds like there’s adequate protection for the cable connections.

        73- Dave, K1SWL

  6. Nice little key that plays above its price point.

    One warning – careful with tightening the screws that hold that plastic paddles in place. They’re not particularly robust and even a modest tightening ends up splintering them.

    The good news is that just the flat metal arms serve as excellent paddles in and of themselves – I might smooth the edges on them a bit and call it a custom all-metal job 🙂

  7. I got one based on the great reviews, and used it in my first CW POTA activation, which was a lot of fun.
    It’s a nice small key, but it’s probably a good idea to use the provided Velcro-like strips and mount it on something solid. Holding it you hand you risk hitting the adjustment screws, and adding a few dits or dahs. You also want a gentle touch, I don’t think I’m ‘slamming’ the paddles, but I can reliably send a K or R by tapping only one of the paddles a bit more firmly then needed.

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