Phillip calls the white CHA MPAS Lite color a “Canadian-Winter Edition”

Many thanks to Phillip Novak (VE3OMI) who writes:

[…]A random note on the Chameleon MPAS lite that I purchased a month ago through DX Engineering; I was surprised to find that the matching unit I received was white – it’s always pictured as black on the Chameleon shop page.

Note the black matching unit to the right of the counterpoise winder.

I was a bit disappointed at first; the “stealthiness” of the black colour was something I was hoping for. It also had me wondering if perhaps I’d somehow gotten a test-unit.

[…]I was curious about the colour change and shot Chameleon a note.

Here’s what they came back with:

“Phillip, due to the black Delrin being much more in demand and causing supply chain issues, we opted to switch to the less commonly used white material. The two colors have the same specifications, and should perform identically, besides the color. The issue being more noticeable for some was anticipated, but could not be helped if we were to continue production. Hit it with some flat spray paint?”

I will add that I do like this antenna a lot and the build quality is excellent. I’ve also come around on the colour; I like to think of the white version as a Canadian-Winter Edition.

[A]ll the best,

It does look like an antenna ready for deployment with the Arctic Forces! 🙂

Thank you for sharing this, Phillip. I had seen a few photos of the white matching unit but assumed it was a different size or configuration than the one I have. This explains it. 

I’m not sure if I’d have a preference for one or the other, frankly. If it was being used in a semi-permanent stealthy installation and in an area without snow, I’m sure painting it flat black or wrapping it with a dark color fabric/tape would help. 

10 thoughts on “Phillip calls the white CHA MPAS Lite color a “Canadian-Winter Edition””

  1. I got the white in the TDL that I purchased last summer and like it. I deploy it as a MPAS Lite often. I wouldn’t worry about UV unless using it as a permanent installation. I heard someone say that the white might run cooler than the black which would absorb more heat.


    Max – WG4Z

  2. I’d thought I had seen it all. Now articles about antenna colors.

    I need to get another source for QRP.

    73, ron, n9ee/r

    1. We have a real issue in this world when people feel entitled to free content so much it hurts their feelings and offends them when content isn’t what they expected.

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Ron.


      PS: Tom don’t change a thing. This is my favorite ham radio site. A guy who actually gets out there and does stuff instead of just talking about it. Keep up the good work. And check your coffee fund coz I just got you a few bags!

  3. An interesting development today as i was hoping to set this antenna up in the front yard; the threaded mount came off the steel whip!

    There were a couple “flakes” that fell out of the whip and I’m guessing there was perhaps some kind of adhesive in the mount. I’ve been in touch with Chameleon and am hoping I may be able to remedy this myself.

    1. PS

      Heard back from Chameleon on the best way to fix this myself and they suggested red Loctite.

      I went ahead with it and it seems to holding firm – i also heat-shrunk a bit of “grip” tubing around the base of the whip as reminder to hold onto the actual mount as opposed to the whip when screwing it to matching unit.

  4. Yep. I had the same problem with my TDL whips. The whips turned in the base and finally got real loose. I decided to let Chameleon fix them instead of buggering them up myself. They turned around the repair in a couple days and everything is glued down just fine now.

  5. I’ve had that same issue with one of my TDL whips. It seems OK now, but it would be nice to see what Chameleon recommends to fix it. I hate the thought of having to ship it back for this. Otherwise, the whips are great and very robust, much better than the others in the marketplace.

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