Elecraft AX2 20M modifiable pocket antenna now shipping

AX2 illustration by Elecraft

Many thanks to Wayne (N6KR) at Elecraft who notes that the Elecraft AX2 20 meter pocket antenna is now shipping:


Here’s the product description from Elecraft’s website:

The AX2 is small enough to take anywhere – just in time for lightweight field ops during the new solar cycle. Use it HT-style with a hand-held, like the KX2; on a picnic table with an AXB1 whip bipod; or with a tripod and AXT1 tripod adapter. The AX2’s rugged, nylon housing is water-resistant, with low wind resistance and our new anti-wobble design.

Illustration by Elecraft

Experimenters will love the AX2’s versatile design. A snap-off cover provides access to the high-Q inductor. Simply remove turns and re-solder one wire to cover your favorite band. Clip-off tabs are provided for band identification.

Elecraft also provides an AX1 and AX2 comparison chart on the AX2 product page:


The table below shows how the new AX2 20-meter mini-whip compares to our original AX1 multi-band whip. Both are designed for lightweight portable operation. The versatile AX1 covers multiple bands via a selector switch and can handle up to 30 W continuous TX power.

The ultra-compact AX2 has a new anti-tilt base design that minimizes BNC connector wobble – ideal for hand-held (HTstyle) use. While the AX2 covers 20 meters as shipped, it can be modified by the user to cover any single band from 17 through 6 meters. The base unit includes small tabs that can be clipped off to identify the target band.

NOTE: Both whips are intended to be used with an ATU to compensate for terrain, body capacitance, height, etc.

A reader recently asked if I’d be selling my AX1 after learning about the AX2, but that isn’t going to happen. The AX2 is a 20 meters and up antenna and I see it as being a brilliant SOTA companion since its lightweight, stable design should do well on windy summits.

For POTA and WWFF, however, I really rely on the 40 meter band for most of my contacts. The AX1 covers 40 meters brilliantly (and 20M and 17M) so I’ll still rely on it quite heavily.

Click here to check out the AX2 antenna on Elecraft’s website. The price is currently $79.99 US plus shipping.

2 thoughts on “Elecraft AX2 20M modifiable pocket antenna now shipping”

  1. It appears you can use the 40m extender with the AX2 as well (see their comparison chart). The biggest difference seems to be that the AX2 is smaller and you can fiddle with the inductor. The AX1 is a little larger and has a switch to go to 17m.

    I’m still leaning AX1.

  2. I just received the AX1, have not tried it yet, and at the advice of Ham on here just ordered the 40m attachment, should be here in a few days. I am very skeptal of short antennas for HF, really any band, but reports of the AX1 on 40 & 20m are good. I will be comparing to my 65 ft 40m OCF dipole and 20m HamSticks as dipole on short tripod.

    The AX1 is really the first vertical for HF I have used. I like wire antennas for HF, but anyone working HF CW know many use verticals.

    Thanks for the article on the AX2. I will not be using my AX1 attached to my IC705, will put on a tripod I( have the AXT-1 camera tripod attachment) so I can get the antenna out into the open. I will not get the AX2 for AX1 does all I will need for this operations, but guess AX2 would be ok for foot mobile.

    73, ron, n9ee/r

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