WA3RNC’s TR-25 and upcoming TR-45L transceiver kits

Many thanks to a number of QRPer readers who note that WA3RNC has recently introduced the TR-25 CW Transceiver Kit and announced the upcoming TR-45L QRP Transceiver Kit.

Here’s the info about the TR-25 from the WA3RNC website:

Here is a compact but powerful 2-band CW transceiver kit that uses no tiny pushbuttons, and without those seemingly endless and hard-to-remember back menus. There is a knob or a switch for every function!

    • Size 5 ½ X 3 ¼ X 1 ½ less protrusions, weight 10.6 Oz
    • Full band coverage of 40 and 20 meters
    • About 10 watts output with a 14 volt power supply
    • 5 Watts minimum output with a 10 volt supply
    • 4 Watts output with an 9 volt supply
    • Optimized for operation from 3 series-connected 18650 Lithium cells
    • RIT tunes + and – 5KHz
    • Blue OLED display reads frequency to 10 Hz and RIT offset
    • Built in Iambic keyer is adjustable 5 to 35 WPM with front panel control
    • Separate jacks for straight key and paddles; Always ready for SKCC contacts
    • Operates on 9 to 14 volts, < 90ma receive, about 1 Amp Xmitt at 10 volts
    • Selectable tuning resolution steps of 10, 100, and 1000Hz
    • Low battery indicator with internal adjustment 9 to 12 volts
    • Front panel adjustable RF gain control
    • Front panel TX power control; Adjustable from 0 to 10 watts (@14V)
    • Rugged TO-220 FET RF amp can deliver 5 Watts key down for 5 minutes
    • Signal quality blue LED, RIT warning orange LED, Low battery red LED
    • More than enough audio to fill any room with an external speaker
    • Excellent receiver sensitivity with MDS of -132dBm (0.06 microvolt)
    • Very effective receive AGC prevents ear damage with strong signals
    • Transmitter harmonics and spurs -58dB, meets FCC specs
    • CW sidetone is the actual transmitter signal as heard by receiver
    • Match the received signal tone to the sidetone for perfect zero beating
    • Sharp IF filter; Better than 300 Hz at the -6dB point, plus 700 Hz audio filter
    • Over 200 machine placed SMT parts, and about 55 user installed parts
    • All critical circuits are factory pre-aligned and calibrated
    • No endless “back menus”; There is a control or switch for every function
    • Options include pre-wound toroid coils, precision optical tuning encoder, and complete factory assembly

Price is $250 or you can add pre-wound toroids for $18, a precision optical encoder for $30, or for $310 you can purchase this kit fully assembled and tested. Click here to check it out.

Here’s the info about the TR-45L from the WA3RNC website:

    • TR-45L is a 4-band 5-watt CW transceiver covering the 80-75, 40, 30, and 20 meter bands.
    • Full band coverage is provided, with the transmitter optimized for the CW band portions.
    • The receiver is provided with both narrow and wide band IF filters, and CW and SSB detectors.
    • An illuminated front panel meter shows “S” units on receive, and power output (forward or reverse) while transmitting. The meter also will display the battery state of charge.

    • A “High SWR” warning indicator will illuminate if the antenna SWR exceeds about 2:1.
    • The transmitter power output is adjustable from less than ½ watt to 5 watts with a front panel control.
    • RIT is provided to adjust the receive frequency up to + or – 5 KHz from the transmit frequency.
    • Two VFOs for each band are provided with recallable memories.
    • A built-in keyer is adjustable from about 5 wpm to 35 wpm with a front panel speed control.
    • Separate straight key and keyer paddle inputs are provided on the front panel.
    • A front panel adjustable sharp notch filter is provided to null out interference.
    • A front panel receiver RF gain control is provided.
    • Operates from a 12 volt nominal power source requiring up to 1.3 amperes on transmit, and about 130 ma on receive. A front panel power on – off switch is provided.
    • Tuning speed is easily settable from 1 Hz to 1 KHz per step.
    • A selectable dial lock is available to prevent inadvertent frequency changes.
    • There is a knob or switch for every function – no confusing back menus!
    • Size 8-1/2” wide, 5” high, 3” deep Weight about 2.8 lb with Internal Batteries

Beta testing is continuing…73 de WA3RNC

 No pricing or availability has been noted yet.

I life the look of both of these kits. I love the fact that you can buy pre-wound toroids as this is often one of the more complicated parts when building radios. Also, I’m pleased to see that all SMD components are pre-installed and that all critical circuits are factory pre-aligned and calibrated. That will make this kit accessible to a much larger kit building audience.

Click here to check out the WA3RNC kits!

7 thoughts on “WA3RNC’s TR-25 and upcoming TR-45L transceiver kits”

  1. I’ll have a TR45 please. Very interesting band choice for those who operate in the field. Guaranty for close contacts on 80 and 40 while on SOTA or WFF/POTA and also ok for those oversees contacts on 30 and 20. Promising.
    I like the style of the TR45 very much, it has that old/new look.

    I want to write about it if I can get my hands on one.

    73 for now
    Frank ON6UU

  2. I built the TR25 and it was a great kit to assemble. Look in August CQ Magazine for my review. de K0NEB

  3. Very much interested in the TR45L . Considering the information given at this time, it appears to be exactly what I have been looking for -> NO MENUS, and has all operating controls on the front panel. I also agree with a prior post in that it has the “old/new” look.

    If a list of potential customers is being compiled, I would like to have my call included. Hope beta testing is successful and availability will be soon.

    73’s, Joe – W2IFB

  4. I recently built the TR 35 4 band kit. I love the radio. Receiver is sensitive and selective with the 350 hZ xtal filter and 700 hZ audio peak filter. It will do 10w out on 30 m with 13.8v. I have yet to take it into the field. I entered the 2022 ARRL DX CW contest with it and worked single band 40m unassisted qrp with 5w out. My antenna was a wire K8CH GP with the feed point about 7 feet off the ground supported by a 40′ fiberglass mast. Made 92 contacts in a part time effort and worked 42 different countries with VK, ZL and JAs worked. The rx was great in “KW alley”. I got a 449 from Kanti, VU2GSM a week earlier on 40, 5w and the same antenna. The break in is seamless. Great receiver. Did I say that already? I made some suggestions to John as to the order of filter selection and the fact that rx filter bandwidth is fixed when you turn on the RIT, ie. you can’t change it once the RIT comes on. He sent me an email telling me that a new chip is on the way to me FedEx that contains my suggestions. Customer service doesn’t get any better than that! Sign me up for a TR 45.

  5. Is anyone aware of a Penntek Group or Forum, where owners of these neat little radios can share experiences or ask questions concerning operations or problems encountered ?
    So far I can’t find anything of this nature.
    &3 Paul w2eck

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