The new Xiegu X6100 portable HF transceiver: Yes, it’s real and no it’s not vaporware

It seems folks are now finding out about the new Xiegu X6100 HF & 6 meter portable transceiver.

There have been a few rumors about it, so I thought I’d share some of the few details that have been confirmed.

What is the X6100?

If the Xiegu X5105 and Xiegu GSOC had a baby, it would look like the X6100.

The X6100 is a completely self-contained SDR QRP transceiver much like the X5105. The X6100 sports a 4″ high-resolution color capacitive touch screen and is built on on a quad-core processor, 4G ROM, and 512MB RAM. I assume this will run on a similar Linux version/distro as the GSOC.

The X6100 will include an internal automatic antenna tuner (ATU) and a 3500 mAh internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack.

Power output will be 5 watts when using the internal battery pack and 10 watts when connected to an external power source.

Key features:

  • Modes: USB/LSB (J3E), CW (A1A), FM (F3E), RTTY (F1B), AM (A3E)
  • Receiving: 0.5MHz~30MHz, 50MHz~54MHz
  • Transmitting: 1.8~2.0MHz, 3.5~3.9MHz
    5.3515~5.3665MHz 7.0~7.2MHz 10.1~10.15MHz 14.0~14.35MHz 18.068~18.168MHz 21.0~21.45MHz 24.89~24.99MHz 28.0~29.7MHz 50~54MHz
  • External voltage range : 9.0~15.0VDC
  • Integrated SWR meter
  • Voice and CW memory keying
  • Integrated modem
  • Native Bluetooth and WiFi functionality (easy keyboard and mouse connectivity)
  • Two USB interfaces supporting HOST and DEVICE
  • Standard high stability TCXO
  • 24bit sampling rate and “large dynamic RF front-end unit”
  • Ruggedized chassis and backlit buttons
  • Maximum current consumption in receive: 550mA

Early Product Sheet

I’ve also been sent a pre-production product brochure. This has a number of details and, as you’ll see, it even hasn’t been through a final edit.

Click here to download the preliminary Xiegu X6100 product brochure (PDF).

Pricing and availability

Pricing and availability have not been determined at time of posting. I will post an update when that information can be confirmed.

I can only assume bringing this new radio to fruition will take time. Most radio manufacturers are struggling to keep up inventory levels as we work our way out of the C-19 pandemic supply chain issues. Parts availability has become a real issue.

49 thoughts on “The new Xiegu X6100 portable HF transceiver: Yes, it’s real and no it’s not vaporware”

  1. G7VFY. 550mA on RX. So, that battery won’t last too long.

    Well, it should give the IC-705 a run for it’s money. I am kinda hoping Android apps can be installed too. Perhaps Yaesu and Kenwood could wake from their slumber?

    1. So that is a maximum number in receive. Battery life will be a very important factor, though, and I’m not sure how much we’ll be able to lower the max number with a capacitive touch screen.

  2. Wonder if UK version will come with 7.1 to 7.3 MHz?
    Definitely looks interesting. But when will they make something that’s weatherproof?

  3. The parts issue is real. Elecraft kx line is now 4-6 wks from 3-4. Seems to be getting worse not better. I keep hearing 3rd 4th qrtr improvement.

  4. For a small fee I would be glad to “translate” their marketing materials into commonly accepted English…

    1. I’ve found that I can do as many as four activations on one X5105 battery charge. In fact, I’m heading out this morning to do the fourth activation on a full charge I did in mid May. My last activation was over 1.5 hours long. I’m impressed!


  5. Thanks for the breaking news, Thomas!

    I must say, I am skeptical of Xiegu announcements after the GSOC debacle. Sizzle but no steak with that one.But I’m willing to be convinced with hands-on tests. I hope yiu can get one to review when they’re ready.



    1. Indeed. The GSOC was a let-down. I do hope this radio is more polished and properly tested out the door.


  6. ….and like EVERY other Xiegu product, they’ll probably release it with ridiculously buggy firmware and expect their customers to do the beta-testing for them. It took some considerable time for them to get the X5105 firmware right, similarly with the G90. (Let’s not even go into the GSOC shambles.) Both these radios are now excellent and I own both BUT it’s taken two years to get them to a stable state… I sincerely hope Xiegu hold back on the release of this radio until they’ve actually tested the firmware fully.

  7. I sure hope this does not have truncated CW like the X5105 had.

    Wake up Elecraft…you need to be looking into a KX4 with a spectral display.

    Barry, KU3X/QRP

    1. I bought and sold the X5105. Bought it used from Connect Systems. Jerry saved me $100 bux off list.
      It took me a matter of minutes to figure out this radio was going on the chopping block and sold it for the same $$$.
      The CW dot dash ratio was horrific. Not to mention the ridiculously useless way the CW “memories” were set up.
      Maybe a useful lil rig for phone ops but for CW it was a horror show.

  8. If modem translates to internal sound card then it could be a viable alternative to the 705 for those of us who like to use data modes at a more affordable price point. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

  9. I sold my X5105 but I could work for at least 5 hrs portable, perfect for an afternoon. I miss it but don’t get much of a chance to operate portable much these days so no point having it sitting around and now I use the fabulous FT-891 for portable use because when I get the chance I just want to make contacts a lot easier with the limited time that I have.

    The X5105 did overload easy on 40 and 80m at night which meant turning the gain down a lot but wasn’t an issue working portable during the day. Firmware was an issue at times, full of bugs and this is the worst about Xiegu, same as the G90.

    The X5105 also has an irritating hiss with headphones which makes using it via headphones to me impossible.

    I used a EFHW 49:1 UNUN which allowed me several bands without a tuner and this allowed me to get all 5 watts out as much as possible as SWR was around 1.4 – 1.5 max which is important with QRP, so I think EFHW is great for QRP because it offers better NVIS which is what you need, to maximise signal to contacts over a few hundred miles. But the tuner in the X5105 allowed me to make some contacts on non resonant bands. You do need a decent length of coax which acts as the counterpoise.

    I think the 6100 if it has a proper waterfall and good stable firmware will sell well but I might end up considering this instead, it looks simply amazing and comes from the Russian malachite team.

    You can guarantee the performance of that Russian radio will be far superior.

    But Thomas, I will be looking forward to your review, I enjoy your youtube videos !

    1. It’s not in production yet, but when it is you’ll be able to purchase it from all of the Xiegu distributors, I’m sure. I would not expect this to ship until much later this year. Manufacturers are having difficulty getting parts.

    2. Laval,

      I just put in an order for the X6100 with Radioddity. They claim to be shipping all orders before 2022. They are about to get their first batch, all sold out of that one, and now taking orders for the second batch.

      73, ron, n9ee/r

  10. Tempted with little beaut..
    Reading the posts with interest.
    If there is a mailing list put me on it for the updates.

  11. This is going to be a path breaker radio. Is it time to shift from ICOM, Yaesu and Kenwood?. Let’s wait for the release of the actual machine. My 817nd is 16 years young and needs a little more modern companion.

    Vu3mes Satyan

  12. I can only hope they invoke the 2 items needed to stay on top of the charts.
    1. Same reliability as X5105 but pump those same finals up to 10 watts.
    2. A waterfall display bigger than G90.
    73 de k2gk

  13. Has anyone had firmware corrupted due to power failure on a sdr? Just curious . The 40 meter band stopping at 7.2 mhz is a big issue. Software fix for that?

  14. dumped all my xiegu stuff… the poor design, failure rate for me, and non-user replaceable battery doesn’t instill confidence…

  15. I have all of 3 x5105and all have failed to one degree or another… even was given a replacement and sold it before I opened the box. Failed within 2 weeks after the other guys purchased. Not going to purchase any more of them… period

    1. Radioddity is sending me a loaner for review, but it’ll be a few weeks yet. I believe they’ll be filling the first batch of orders first. In that first batch of orders, though, will be one for Scott (KN3A) who is planning to write a review on QRPer! 🙂

  16. I had a G90, really liked the radio and it worked well with no issues. I sold it because I got a IC705, the only reason, just did not need the G90. The Ham who purchased the G90 from me loves it. I mainly worked CW at parks events.

    I have put on order with Radioddity for one of the X6100 and with discount paid $608 for it (normal price is $639). This is much less than the TX500.

    I dont think the X6100 will be as good as the IC705 for the 705 has lots of very good operating features and noticeably larger display. And the IC705 is direct sampling, the X6100 is IF DSP.

    Radioddity says they are taking orders for the second batch they expect to receive and plan on shipping all orders for these 2 batches by end of the year. If so then the radio will be released and in the hands of us in a few weeks. We will see.

    Radioddity said the X6100 is being tested by engineers to detect bugs and if found they will be corrected before shipment. We will see.

    73 ron, n9ee/r

  17. One other comment. The X6100 spec sheet freq coverage does not cover all the US Ham bands. I understand the spec sheet being passed around is for the European version. The US version will have full US coverage. This is just a software change. We saw this with the G90 when it was being rumored it was coming.

    73, ron, n9ee/r

  18. Some tests found bad audio, vibrations in audio, hiss…
    I do not have it , so generaly SDR radios has a sheet of audio quality. If young radio amateurs could try some old radios , diff is great. We are not combat pilots and audio is a important part of radio sport.

  19. I don’t understand why so many ham buy a QRP RTX and then buy a 100W PA to have the conventional output power. Moreover they need big batteries or a 20amp power supply… :-/

    Best ’73 and Happy New Year

    Marco IZ5EEP EA8DLK

    1. Hi Marco,

      I can only speak for myself. It’s the OPTION that the additional amp power gives … especially in poorer band Cx … that motivated me to buy an QRP amp (or two).

      A 20aH Bioenno LifePo4 or equivalent isn’t very heavy. I’m not a SOTA activator.

      If yiu want to understand the answer to your Q, try understanding the hams using the combination. Not all hams are like, either you or me!



      1. Hello Frank

        Thanks for your comment

        I know very well that the LifePo4 weights are very low. That’s the future… Just in December I finish a big refitting in a boat where the Owner ask to change all the house batteries for LifePo4. This boat, a catamaran, actually have a 24V bank, 1000A/h.
        150Kg against 600! (The previous batteries was first class AGM deep discharge 24V 1000A/h)
        The performance are unbelievable.
        You can reach the fully recharge 6/7 time faster!

        About our passion, more than 20 years ago, I operate following the QRP rules.

        After some years y choose to leave the QRP for the presence of QRO stations but, in particular, for the poor respect for the REAL QRP stations in general.

        So I’m always really surprise when I have the luck to ear REAL QRP stations. As you well know, they are very rare… I mean, lot of QRP stations are not real QRP and that’s not nice.

        We leave in a different world compared to doing Radio in the past. Now the noise generated by all these China devices is lot more and it’s very hard to ear. That’s the real problem.

        Thank you for this chat. Hope to meet you in frequency.

        Have fun with our hobby. All the best in this new year.

        ’73 Marco IZ5EEP EA8DLK

        1. Marco,

          QSL…while I do have amps, I enjoy the thrill of QRP. Testing an attic mounted Cushcraft D4, I was able to work Belize and upstate NY on qrp SSB using an IC-705. This install and testing will be featured in the Feb issue of The Spectrum Monitor.

          I, too, am building out battery boxes using LifePo4 sources. These are small (36aH) to large (200 aH). I’ll publish some details in a month or so at It’s been fun.

          Hope to talk with you on frequency too…

          Happy New Year!



      2. Ah Frank, sorry… I forgot..

        Maybe you can give me some impressions in case you have been tried the µBITX v6 QRP transceiver.

        I’m thinking to buy one but I want to know some impressions before buying something and than leave it in a box for years…

        Best ’73 again

    2. QRP radios.uze much less current on receive than a QRO radio. Even if you turn the output power down on a QRO radio, it doesn’t affect receive current. If you are going portsblemfor days at a time, this is very important.. Having a QRP radio and anamp if you need it would be the best of both worlds.That being said, I’ve personally found 20W to be a good compromise between output power/signal reports and current usage.

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