uBITX V6 review in RadCom

I’ve been a massive fan of RadCom since I lived in the UK. I’ve always felt this RSGB publication strikes the right balance of technical information and human interest.

A few years ago, at Hamvention, an RSGB representative encouraged me to write a review for RadCom. Even though I feel pretty fortunate to write for the likes of The Spectrum Monitor magazine, the World Radio TV Handbook, and others,  I was honored to even be asked.

With RadCom, I focus on gear that’s readily available in the UK and Europe (meaning, not North American versions of gear–yes, there are differences).

My first review–of the Aerial-51 ALT-512 QRP Transceiver–was published in the March 2020 issue.

This week, I received the December 2020 issue of RadCom. Typically, I receive my RadCom issues a week or so after the beginning of the subscription month due to normal international post times. These aren’t normal times, though, so it took 6 weeks longer than normal to be delivered.

I’ll admit that I’m chuffed to see my review in RadCom especially since my daughters (now K4TLI and K4GRL) were an integral part of it! My daughters are trying to sort out whose hands are in the photo above. They assembled the uBITX V6 by themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about RadCom and the Radio Society of Great Britain, I would encourage you to check out the RSGB website.  I’m a proud member and a big fan of RadCom even though they had the poor judgement to ask me to write for them! 🙂

7 thoughts on “uBITX V6 review in RadCom”

  1. Congratulations to your girls. That’s exciting!

    I have a love hate relationship with my uBitx. Not coming from the boat anchor era I liken it to be similar being that I didn’t install an AGC in mine. I think mine is a rev 3. I’ve done all of the basic mods that were required and I simply just use the radio. I have to ride the volume control and that’s fun and also gets old all at the same time if that makes sense. Every now and then I’ll break out the uBitx or Bitx 40 and use it for an afternoon to remind myself how fun it is to make contacts on something that’s not an off the shelf radio.

  2. Only six weeks! We’ve been getting just letters (not wrapped magazines) from the UK (to just down the road from you) in 12 weeks!
    Congrats on the published review. By coincidence, I was in contact this week with the competition, Tim GW4VXE, an old friend who writes for Practical Wireless. From nearly 30 years ago and fb CW op with us at the GW8GT Red Dragon contest team.

  3. Practical Wireless is a fine magazine! And, Paul, I’m sure the reason is I pick up my magazine at the Post Office. It’s that last four miles to get to your QTH that takes the extra 6 weeks! Hi hi!

  4. Thanks, Curt!

    Yeah, rigs like the uBITX are, as you say, wonderful to put on the air from time to time and remember that it was a hands-on deal. 🙂 I’ll be taking mine out soon for a POTA activation.

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