New lab599 Discovery TX-500 firmware upgrade, UK availability, and RadCom review

This morning, I finally remembered to do a firmware upgrade on the lab599 Discovery TX-500. I’ve been in the terrible habit of only remembering to do a firmware upgrade when I’m in the field.  Much like remembering to repair your roof while it’s raining! 🙂

New TX-500 Firmware

Fortunately, Lab599 just published their 1.10.10 firmware release this weekend, so my TX-500 will sport all of the latest upgrades including (in this upgrade) corrected AGC, improved receiver parameters, and (from previous upgrades) SWR analysis tool and message memory beacon mode.

I’ve been so incredibly impressed with the Lab599 team’s dedication to continuously upgrading and improving this already phenomenal little radio. It’s such a pleasure to take to the field.

UK TX-500 availability

I also understand that lab599’s UK distributors, Nevada Radio and Waters & Stanton, will soon have their first batch of Discovery TX-500s (first part of October 2021, if I recall).  Waters & Stanton (and possible Nevada) may even have a handful of units unallocated yet. It’s best to call them to check status and possibly reserve one.

Upcoming RadCom Review

Speaking of the UK, my full review of the Discovery TX-500 will appear in the November 2021 issue of RadCom.

12 thoughts on “New lab599 Discovery TX-500 firmware upgrade, UK availability, and RadCom review”

    1. Absolutely! You both have excellent points! (Although, admittedly, I’m a big ole hypocrite!). 🙂

      The 705 and KX3 are both SUPERB radios!

    2. I have an ic 705 but have also just took delivery of a TX 500 I was concerned about the robustness of the 705.
      I am totally QRP se now the 705 will stay in the shack and the tx 500 will be used portable for sota. Wwff and pota must admit not much pota activating happening in the uk 73 Alan M1TAP

      1. Those are both stellar radios. I would certainly encourage you to take the IC-705 out as well–I’ve had a great deal of fun with it in the field, almost exclusively at parks. I don’t believe I’ve ever packed it for a summit hike like I have the TX-500.

        You’re right that POTA is still relatively new in the UK. If it’s like the US, you might find that many WWF parks are also POTA parks, so you can submit logs to both. I bet you’ll be able to activate a number of POTA ATNOs (All Time New Ones). Always fun doing that!

        K4SWL / M0CYI

        1. Yes the IC705 offers so much for operation over the TX500. The band scope works great for locating stations. The memory keyer is also a good accessory. Lots of info on the display of the IC705.

          But the TX500 looks like excellent QRP rig.

          73, ron, n9ee/r

      2. Alan,

        I to have IC705 and yes worry about the treatment. For this reason carry in a good case and have the WindCamp case to help secure the rig. Maybe part of the concern is the cost of the IC705, hi.

        73, ron, n9ee/r

        1. Hi Ron i think you are right about part of the concern is the cost here in the UK the IC 705 costs £1299 i dont know what that is in US dollars but its a lot the other big reason is if i took it home broken my wife would lynch me.

          73 alan M1TAP

  1. Just activated San Pedro Belize with a KX2
    whilst operating an Eagle Ray jumped out of the water where I was operating and splashed onto the KX2 panicked ensued as I stripped it down on the Jetty, I’ve just bought a TX500 for this reason, but did work VK4 fm V31HT with 10 watts internal battery and a Alex Loop. Here’s the video of the VK4.

    1. Wonderful catch! (VK4, not the Eagle Ray.)

      That is a most impressive 5 watt SSB contact and what a sport of him to QRP for testing purposes.

      Thanks for sharing!

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