Operating the Icom IC-705 QRP transceiver in CW with full break-in QSK

Readers have been asking me about operating the new Icom IC-705 in CW; specifically if the T/R relay is noisy and how full break-in QSK sounds.

Here’s a quick video that should answer a few of those questions:

I made this video yesterday while testing the new mAT-705 ATU.

Please comment if you have other IC-705 questions.

7 thoughts on “Operating the Icom IC-705 QRP transceiver in CW with full break-in QSK”

  1. see if you can enable some more hang time on vox to decrease clicking sounds. Should be ok then. At higher speeds it will be better without changing anything.
    How is the key at higher speeds ? I have the impression contacts are far out of eachother now.

    1. Hi, Frank,

      Yes indeed–if you turn off full break-in QSK, that eliminates most of the clicking for sure. In the video, I have it set for full break-in as a “worse-case” scenario in terms of relay clicking. In truth, though, it’s really not that bad even then.

      I’m not a high speed op, but did operate at 30+ WPM into a dummy load. Seemed to work fine. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “contacts are far out of each other”–if you explain I may be able to answer that.


    1. Good question. So I know Windcamp makes a quick release mount and it’s only $40 via ebay. I’ve been tempted to purchase one.

      Also, I 3D printed a small piece that mounts under the IC-705 and tilts it up, but I need to find the right machine screws to fit it.


  2. sorry, but in the video, for me it is not possible, to see, whether the click, I hear, is from the keyer or from the TRX. I can not decide, whether it`s from the TRX or the Keyer. What a pitty, I have a sensor keyer, that whould help, but I can not send this keyer to you. I use KX3, Argonaut V and Argonaut II, there is no click, so I got used to hear nothing. I think, the click is as loud as with the Elad or the FT-817, not to strong, but you and the XYL can hear it in the room.

    1. If I understand correctly, these are reed relays in the IC-705 and are much like some of the other Icom offerings. There is a click for sure, but to my ear it’s quieter than the FT-817ND. Honestly, relay clicking doesn’t bother me at all–sometimes I actually like the mechanical feedback. It is important, though, that the audio recovery is smooth during full break-in QSK, though.

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