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SOTA with two PAC-12 antennas in a JPC-7 dipole configuration on the Wasserberg

Berndm aus g, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

by Thomas (DM1TBE)


Nearly a week has passed since my last activation and the AWS–the Activation Withdrawal Symptoms–started to kick in. Furthermore, I received an antenna during the week which I wanted to try. However, the weather was unsettled, and showers were forecasted over the whole weekend. This did not prevent me to try at least an activation with the new antenna.

So, I started to the Wasserberg (DM/BW-664) on an early Saturday morning. The summit has a height of 750 m / 2460 ft and a wooded peak. The parking place is already elevated, so there was only 1.6 km / 1 mi left to walk with an ascent of 166 m / 540 ft.

The peak is wooded, but you can enjoy the view at the beginning of your hike, just after parking.

The trail is well-developed and easy to walk, except for the high incline at the beginning.

You come along something that looks like an old wall, but it is probably a place where stones have been taken from in earlier times.

The forest still looks like winter, and you can see the landscape through the trees

But if you look close enough, you see that the spring is not too far anymore.

Although the way to the peak diverts from the well-developed trail half way, I followed the way to visit the Wasserberghaus (it basically means “house on the water hill”, with “water hill” being the name of the hill).

Europe has an extensive hiking network. It ranges fromĀ European long-distance paths, with trails up to 10,000 km / 6,200 mi, over national routes to small hiking path networks operated by local municipalities. This is a hiking guidepost at my trail to the summit. Continue reading SOTA with two PAC-12 antennas in a JPC-7 dipole configuration on the Wasserberg