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Best QRP field transceivers for operators who are blind/visually-impaired?

I recently received the following inquiry from Vic (K7HSS) who shared that he is blind and seeking a field-portable transceiver that is user-friendly to those who are visually impaired. 

Vic notes:

I’ve actually owned the KX2 before, but it was now sold, because I realize that I was sitting on a lot of money, and I wasn’t doing that much portable operations at the time.

The KX line is ideal because it has CW read outs. Having said that, I will be able to make do if a radio somehow stops or notifies me at band edges. From there, I could put some sort of markers on the knob, so that I could roughly gage where I am base on how many spins I’ve given the knob. I’m not very sure how the single band radios like the QCX mini operates. Does it stop once you reach the band edge?

Anyways, those are some thoughts that I have. Also, I’ve been following your Youtube channel and blog for quite a while and is definitely a fan.

I hope you will have a lovely day.

Best and 73,

Vic (K7HSS)

Thank you for the kind words, Vic. 

I’m not visually-impaired so feel like I can’t really comment here, but I do know of at least two other hams who are completely blind and use the Elecraft KX3. From what I gather, it is loved for the CW read outs (as you mentioned) and for there being a dedicated tactile button and/or knob for most of the important functions and features one would use in the field.  

Vic would welcome your comments especially if you are visually-impaired or if you can provide insight about radios with features (like band edge notification) that make it more accessible.  Click here to comment!