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KN4OK’s Mini POTA Field Report from the Florida Keys

Many thanks to Dave (KN4OK) who shares the following mini POTA field report:

POTA Activation K-3620 Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail State Park.

By Dave (KN4OK)

On April 8th, 2023, on our way to the Overseas trail near the 7 mile bridge, is a great place to activate with a picnic table and shade on the water.

I was smart enough to mention to the wife that we were going to activate a park and she was carrying my Elecraft KX2.  Of course, in my hand was the antenna, the MFJ-1889T, and counterpoise wires that I borrowed from my WRC antenna.

After a mile hike on the trail, we stopped at the picnic table and I set the station up on 17 meters CW.  The SWR was pretty good and I made 9 contacts with no problem.  I then switched the radio and antenna to 20 meters and obtained a better SWR.

One thing that I noticed: extending the counter poise wire (33ft) all the way out for both bands helped a great deal.  The jumper holes on the antenna were also changeable and helped as well.  MFJ has a nice manual for band setups, but be sure to adjust for best SWR.  Very easy to do and works great.

The 20 meter band was also a big success and I was very pleased with the performance of the MFJ 1899T antenna.  Thanks for all the previous discussion of the similar antennas that inspired me to take out my antenna.

The end result was 19 contacts, all CW in about 45 minutes on a beautiful day!

My Equipment:

Thanks to all my chasers and QRP rocks!


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