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John seeks advice pairing a mAT-40 ATU with homebrew QRP transceivers

Many thanks to John (G1AWJ) who writes:

Firstly, I must say that I really do enjoy reading the postings on your website!

I wonder if you or any of you colleagues can help me with the connections for the mAT-40 ATU?

It comes with connecting control cables for Yaesu, ICOM, etc but I want to control it manually, remotely, with home built QRP transmitters. I want to make a small control box similar to that with the CG-3000 auto ATU ( the great advantage of the mAT-40 is that it will tune with less than 1 watt input)

Many thanks in anticipation
John G1AWJ

Readers, if you have any advice for John, please comment! Unfortunately, I’ve no experience with the mAT-40. Click here to comment!