John seeks advice pairing a mAT-40 ATU with homebrew QRP transceivers

Many thanks to John (G1AWJ) who writes:

Firstly, I must say that I really do enjoy reading the postings on your website!

I wonder if you or any of you colleagues can help me with the connections for the mAT-40 ATU?

It comes with connecting control cables for Yaesu, ICOM, etc but I want to control it manually, remotely, with home built QRP transmitters. I want to make a small control box similar to that with the CG-3000 auto ATU ( the great advantage of the mAT-40 is that it will tune with less than 1 watt input)

Many thanks in anticipation
John G1AWJ

Readers, if you have any advice for John, please comment! Unfortunately, I’ve no experience with the mAT-40. Click here to comment!

3 thoughts on “John seeks advice pairing a mAT-40 ATU with homebrew QRP transceivers”

  1. John,
    It seems that this model tuner is specifically designed to work as a factory tuner for the stated brands. In such, it requires the radio to tell it to run the tuning cycle.
    You could attempt to replicate the communication from these radios with your own interface (may be fun), but I would suggest to just go with a different tuner.
    For QRP work, the same manufacturer sells the mAT-10 that would probably meet your needs better unless there were other requirements.
    73 de W4XXV

  2. John,

    Find out what voltages are sent to the tuner from “a brand radio” and see if you can duplicate those by making your own “command”. I’m sure that when you brew your own radio’s this is peanuts for you.
    It would be nice to hear what radio’s you’ve build, when you build them and how they are performing. I’m sure Thomas is keen on publishing your writings.

    GL on the tuner.

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