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One year later: Did I decide to keep or sell my Elecraft KXPA100?

Using my KXPA100 during Field Day in 2020.

Many thanks to Ron (KK1L) who asks the following question after reading my post from January 2021 regarding the decision to keep my Elecraft KXPA100 amp instead of selling it:

Hi Tom,

If after a year of opportunity to reevaluate have you changed your mind? I am looking for an opportunity to wrestle with the same dilemma.

73 es God Bless de KK1L, Ron

Thank you for your question, Ron!

It’s funny you should ask. Only a couple months ago, when I re-arranged my shack, I thought yet again about selling the KXPA100 because it gets so little use as I run QRP 99% of the time both in the field and at the QTH.

The thought occurred to me that I could sell it and easily afford a dedicated 100 watt radio for the shack–either a brand new Yeasu FT-891, or an Icom IC-7300. With a little extra money added, I could even purchase the new Yaesu FT-DX10. That was very tempting.

Possibly most tempting would be to get a used Elecraft K3 or possibly a K3S; more of these have been appearing on the used market after the introduction of the K4.

Also, I had an opportunity to purchase a used mint Icom IC-7200 with a full side rail kit; I’ve always loved both the receiver and look of this particular radio! It, too, was tempting.

I came very close to posting the XPA100 on the QTH classifieds. Continue reading One year later: Did I decide to keep or sell my Elecraft KXPA100?

Henry directly pairs his lab599 Discovery TX-500 with the Elecraft KXPA100

Many thanks to Henry (K4TMC) who shares the following:


Rumor has it that you are considering selling your KXPA100. I offer for your consideration the following use – a solid support for a QRP radio. See the attached pictures. Something similar could be crafted for a KX3/KX2. Not exactly a good option for a long backpacking trip.

No…I did not use Alien Tape or Velcro to attach the TX500 to the KXPA100. I used longer Hex Key screws into a 1/8 inch aluminum plate.

Planning to use this during the upcoming Jan NA QSO Party SSB contest from Atlantic Beach, NC on Jan 16.

Henry – K4TMC

This is brilliant, Henry! It’s as if you have a TX-500-100!

I have decided to keep the KXPA100 and, frankly, might even pair a TX-500 with it in the future!  Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll listen for you in the NA QSO Party!

My decision about the Elecraft KXPA100

First of all, thanks to all of you who weighed in after I asked for guidance about either selling or keeping my Elecraft KXPA100 100 watt amplifier.

In short: I’m taking your advice

Almost all of you encouraged me to hang onto the KXPA100, suggesting I would regret selling it.

Besides the advice left in the comments section, I received about the same amount of emails from readers.  Only a couple suggested selling.

I’m inclined to agree that I’ll regret selling the KXPA100 at this point.

I will take another look at this down the road, but I realize (as many of you pointed out) that the KXPA100 can be paired with so many of my QRP radios, it’s a pretty versatile, quality piece of radio gear. That and, frankly, if I sold it, then regretted it, and re-purchased one later (as I have with so many other radios) I’m not sure I could get one in such great shape. My KXPA100 and ATU work flawlessly.

I do believe I would consider selling the KXPA100 if it would help fund a piece of gear that could effectively replace it. I simply can’t afford something like the K4, but if I could, I’d thin the herd to make that happen.

Thanks again for your advice!

Should I sell my Elecraft KXPA100?

Although I’m at heart a QRPer, I do occasionally serve up more than 5 watts. It’s rare, though.

A few years ago, I purchased an Elecraft KXPA100 amplifier with the optional built-in ATU. I did this in lieu of considering a 100 watt rig since, at the time, I had no 100 watt transceivers.

My thinking was the KXPA100 could serve both my Elecraft KX3 and KX2–pushing them into 100 watts of service when needed. The KXPA100 is also super portable and operates quietly (no fans).

I purchased the KXPA100, connected it to my KX3 in the shack, and then barely used it.

Last year, I realized the KXPA100 could serve me well during Parks On The Air (POTA) activations when conditions were poor for SSB (they were very poor at times in the spring and summer) so I took it to the field a few times. That was before I started using CW during my activations, though.

Since I’ve started using CW, I haven’t taken the KXPA100 to the field once. I also haven’t used it in the shack since then.

I do now have other QRO radios at my disposal: the Icom IC-756 Pro my buddy Matt so kindly gave me in 2019, and the Mission RGO One transceiver I continue to test and evaluate for the manufacturer.

The KXPA100 is unique in that it can pair with almost any QRP radio. I do like that fact because I’ve a lot of QRP transceivers.

These days, about the only time I run anything north of 10 watts is to possibly chase weak signal DX or participate in contests like the 13 Colonies event where I’m up against blowtorch stations in SSB.  I tend to do that at the QTH, not in the field.

Should it stay or should it go?

The only reasons I feel I should keep the KXPA100 is because, in my mind, I feel like it essentially turns my KX3 into a poor man’s K3. It can also directly connect to my KX2 and even the FT-817ND via a command cable for seamless control. That and, occasionally, there may be a good reason to take it to the field.

Still: I feel like if I’m not using it, I should sell it to someone who can. It would also free up $900 or so to re-invest into my gear. That would certainly come in handy!

I would appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Elecraft taking orders for the KXPA100; a portable 100 watt amplifier with built-in ATU

(Source: Elecraft)

KXPA100FrontJune 17, 2013

Now accepting orders for the Elecraft KXPA100 100 W Amplifier

We have received FCC certification and are putting on the finishing touches and performing our field test on the KXPA100. We’re now taking orders for deliveries planned to start in the next 60 days (mid to late August).

You will find a direct link for ordering the KXPA100 below, at the bottom of this email. (This order form is not yet visible on our regular web page.)

KXPA100 features include:

  • 100 W output on 160-6 m with 5 W input typical
  • 13.8 VDC powered; 20 A typical current drain
  • 7 lbs with KXAT100 installed. 10 x 5.125 x 4.25″
  • Compact unit ideal for both desktop and mobile use
  • Solid-state diode T/R switching — fast, silent T/R and QSK
  • Large convection-cooled heat sink for reliable and quiet operation
  • Modern design with rugged MOSFET output stage
  • Internal wide-range automatic antenna tuner (KXAT100 ATU option)
  • Second antenna jack provided with KXAT100 ATU option; controlled by KX3’s ANT switch
  • Fast, bright LED bar graphs for power and status; KXAT100 ATU option adds SWR bar graph
  • Seamless integration with the Elecraft KX3 transceiver
  • Works well with any low-power transceiver, requiring only RF and PA KEY inputs
  • RF-based frequency counter automatically switches bands with any rig
  • Optional band-data input support the K3/10, KX3, Yaesu FT-817, Icom IC-703, and other rigs
  • Dual APP power connectors for additional friction-fit if needed (mobile); optional daisy-chaining of 13.8 V to power rig
  • Optional KXPACBL adapter connects KX3 to the KXPA100 with a single cable for keying, band data, and control
  • KXPA100’s PC port allows use of remote-control and logging applications with the KX3 without software configuration changes
  • KXAT100 internal ATU option matches 10:1 SWR (5:1 typical on 160 m and 6 m); uses Elecraft’s fast matching algorithm
  • KXAT100 ATU settings saved per band, per band segment, and per antenna for instant recall

KXPA100RearWe look forward to receiving your KXPA100 order and we hope it will accompany you on many adventures to come!

Wayne, N6KR
Eric, WA6HHQ

KXPA100 On-Line Order Form
(Please use this web order form so that our phone sales team will not be overloaded.)
Orders will be processed in the order received.


For additional questions, you can also reach us at [email protected]