My decision about the Elecraft KXPA100

First of all, thanks to all of you who weighed in after I asked for guidance about either selling or keeping my Elecraft KXPA100 100 watt amplifier.

In short: I’m taking your advice

Almost all of you encouraged me to hang onto the KXPA100, suggesting I would regret selling it.

Besides the advice left in the comments section, I received about the same amount of emails from readers.  Only a couple suggested selling.

I’m inclined to agree that I’ll regret selling the KXPA100 at this point.

I will take another look at this down the road, but I realize (as many of you pointed out) that the KXPA100 can be paired with so many of my QRP radios, it’s a pretty versatile, quality piece of radio gear. That and, frankly, if I sold it, then regretted it, and re-purchased one later (as I have with so many other radios) I’m not sure I could get one in such great shape. My KXPA100 and ATU work flawlessly.

I do believe I would consider selling the KXPA100 if it would help fund a piece of gear that could effectively replace it. I simply can’t afford something like the K4, but if I could, I’d thin the herd to make that happen.

Thanks again for your advice!

10 thoughts on “My decision about the Elecraft KXPA100”

  1. Thomas,
    I’m a little late to the discussion, but I’d agree with your findings. I had planned to reduce the footprint of my shack, hoping to replace most everything with a KX3. As luck would have it, I had a major short on my IC-7000, so that left the bench…. I swear, this wasn’t on purpose. But I still needed something to overcome the terrain challenges at home. I tried to find an amp that would work short of the KXPA100. Everything was a compromise. I purchased the KXPA100 and continue to be thrilled with the kit. I just unplug my KX3 and put it in my ruck when I hit a SOTA/POTA. Life couldn’t be more simple–and statisfying.

  2. Add me to the group who will never abandon the KX-PA100. The KX3 simply has the best ATU I have ever used and with my tendency to depend upon random wires tossed into trees, I use it constantly. I don’t always pair it with the amp, but there are times I must.

    I have purchased the Icom IC-705 to be my shack in a box, but have not yet tried hooking it to the KX-PA100. I waiting to hear the experiences of others before I go that route.

    73 and best wishes to all for 2021. Dave, N3CI

  3. I’m late here but I read both of your threads and I think you’ve made the right decision. I have recently gotten into QRP, with a KX2 and I have a KXPA100 on order from Elecraft (I’m next in line to get one). The KX2 is great and I’ve learned leaps and bound about antennas, etc. trying to improve my QSO’s. I’m in East Texas and it feels good to talk to VT, Canada, CA, etc. on a few watts. That being said, it’ll be nice to have that 100 Watt option during contests, etc. I’m of the opinion you can’t have too much nice radio gear and, unless you just absolutely need the money, ‘hold what ya got!’
    ’73 Tom K5TNL

    1. Thank you, Tom. I, too, feel I’ve made the right decision. Like you, I love QRP, but sometimes it’s nice to have a solid 100W option.


  4. Thomas, good decision! I too have a KXPA100 and use it with my KX3. Great combo. I’m interested in how you might hook it up and use it with your IC-705. Perhaps a future video with that combo in the field?

    1. Yes, I do plan to pair the IC-705 with the KXPA100 and demo it. Others have asked the same.

      I’m glad I decided to keep it!


  5. Hi Tom,

    If after a year of opportunity to reevaluate have you changed your mind? I am looking for an opportunity to wrestle with the same dilemma.

    73 es God Bless de KK1L, Ron <

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