Did you know there’s a new MTR-3B in the works–?

A reader reached out to me this morning asking about the Mountain Topper MTR-3B. It reminded me of a teaser LnR Precision posted earlier this month in an MTR-4B update on their website. Here’s what they said:

Update: 4/1/23: We do not have MTR4 V2.3 available for purchase now but will be releasing more for purchase on May 1, 2024.

Apologies on the delay but we needed more time to get parts that are in short supply and fabricate. This will be the only and last offering of the MTR4b V2.3 radios as we are shifting focus on a redesigned and re-engineered version of the popular MTR3B!

It is our hope to have these out in Fall of 2024 if possible, but no guarantees.

I’m very excited about this news! I own two MTR-3Bs and absolutely love this model. When I checked in with LnR a couple of years ago, they said they had no plans to produce the MTR-3B again. They must have noticed the strong customer demand.

I assume the new model might incorporate some of the upgrades found on the MTR-4B, like an SWR and Power Output meter and a more accessible sidetone control. We’ll have to wait and see!

LnR is a small “mom-and-pop” company, so we’ll need to be patient as they introduce the new MTR-3B. I’m sure they’ll struggle to keep up with demand. I, for one, am eager to see this super-compact transceiver back on the market.

8 thoughts on “Did you know there’s a new MTR-3B in the works–?”

    1. Do we really need another Gilbert cell, superhet RX based, ultraportable on the market?

      Yeah, I guess we do. I’ll probably try to buy one. But I’d love to see some innovations in the next iteration.

      QRP-Labs is innovating – it’s hard to believe other designers are not taking cues from Hans.

      Elecraft’s KH1 is innovative in that it puts ALL the extra stuff you need to get your field portable station on-the-air integrated into the radio in the palm of your hand.

  1. In other news, Hans (QRP Labs) announced earlier this morning that the QMX is now available in a 15-60m version to meet the requests of numerous POTA/SOTA ops.

  2. I would like to see the 3b go back to the basic original form. So simple I can run it without looking. No clock batteries. SWR is already on my tuner.

    Something that would really be cool is a “choose your own bands” option! What bands would you choose? 40-20-15 for use with EFHW? 30-17-12 for minimal contesting?

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