Field Radio Kit Gallery: Bob’s MTR-3B Bug-Out Go-Kit

Many thanks to Bob (K4RLC) who shares the following article about his portable field radio kit which will be featured on our Field Kit Gallery page. If you would like to share your field kit with the QRPer community, read this post

MTR-3B Bug-Out Go-Kit

by Bob (K4RLC)

I wanted to build a lightweight Bug Out Go Kit around the incredible Mountain Topper MTR-3B LCD model.

Bass Pro Shop sold a tackle box that seemed perfectly for this. I took a Bear Grylls Scout Knife and cut/customized the partitions as needed. The Elecraft AX 1 antenna and tripod mount, and a flexible tripod fit perfectly.

Counterpoise consists of three 13 ft BNTECHNO 22 AWG silicon wires, attached with a Mueller 55 alligator clip to the tripod mount.

The CW Morse Outdoor Pocket Paddle (and cable) fit into another section. For audio, use either generic ear buds or the rechargeable cell phone speaker with PChero volume adjustment cable.

For power, rechargeable Li-Ion 9 volt batteries use a USB connection, so no separate charger is needed. I keep this in the car.

It’s a great set up for POTA and lightweight enough to throw into a backpack for the steepest SOTA climb. The MTR-3B, the size of a deck of playing cards and not weighing much more, is an awesome QRP rig that’s still a keeper, if you can find one.

Equipment List:

4 thoughts on “Field Radio Kit Gallery: Bob’s MTR-3B Bug-Out Go-Kit”

  1. That is a great idea, and would pack well also. Plus it protects your kit nicely at a budget price. What do you do to tune the antenna to the radio’s impedance? I have wanted to pair the AX1 with the MTR3B but haven’t figured out a clean compact matching unit.
    Great idea on the case and mini tripod.

  2. Bob,

    Thanks for the post! You’ve put together a very tidy and efficient field kit.

    I have one of the original Mountain Topp’r radios, by Steve Weber… the little MTR2b.

    Looking at your kit I see you use a Mueller aligator clip. That’ll work perfectly with my EFHW antennas, to clip on the BNC for a counterpoise, should I need it. Thanks! I’m off to the hardware store to start building some.

    72 and good Dx! de W7UDT

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