Field Radio Kit Gallery: W4JL’s Venus SW-3B and “Sporty Forty” Vertical

Many thanks to Dave (W4JL) who shares the following article about his portable field radio kit which will be featured on our Field Kit Gallery page. If you would like to share your field kit with the QRPer community, read this post

Venus SW-3B Field Kit

by Dave (W4JL)

Here’s the smallest setup that I take field portable:

Field Kit Notes

  • I took 3 of the WRC (Wolf River Coils) 33’ radials and cut them in half to make 6 16.5’ radials.
  • I use the 213” WRC whip. I also use “The Spike” from WRC. (All listed on webpage).
  • I use SOTABeam winders for my radials, 2 per winder.
  • My coax is a 50’ piece of RG8X from The Wireman with PL259’s on both ends and a SO239 to BNC adapter to hook to the radio.
  • I made a jumper with alligator clips to jump the 40m coil on the Sporty Forty to move straight to 20m.
  • I usually use a cheap pair of earbuds or a Bluetooth Sony speaker I’ve had for a while, with an audio cable, for the radio audio.

If you like YouTube videos, I have a short video of this setup in operation (click here to check it out).

The backpack is maybe a cheap grab off Amazon? Rally no telling where this pack came from, sorry.

Hope you enjoy this setup. Hopefully, you can work me when I’m on a SOTA or POTA activation one day!

2 thoughts on “Field Radio Kit Gallery: W4JL’s Venus SW-3B and “Sporty Forty” Vertical”

  1. Great Report Dave! It’s always nice to piece together a kit that works afield.

    I recently bought a small Gabil vertical, and a ground spike. I’ve yet to deploy it, and understand its intricacies. I’d planned to use it with my QMX for both CW & FT8.

    Hope to see you down the Log!

    72 de W7UDT ID SK ee

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