Field Radio Kit Gallery: KM4CFT’s IC-705 Field Kit in a Lens Case

Many thanks to Jonathan (KM4CFT) who shares the following article about his portable field radio kit which will be featured on our Field Kit Gallery page. If you would like to share your field kit with the QRPer community, read this post

IC-705 Field Kit

by Jonathan (KM4CFT)

This is my new field kit for my IC-705. The 705 is my favorite radio in my collection and I prefer to use it for any casual field work where size and weight isn’t a concern. (When I am concerned about size and weight I typically take my KX2.)

It consists of a protected IC-705 and a camera lens case. I cannot take credit for this idea since I copied it from Aaron Bowman, W4ARB. (see his video here)

The kit consists of the following:

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4 thoughts on “Field Radio Kit Gallery: KM4CFT’s IC-705 Field Kit in a Lens Case”

    1. Hi Manny,
      Yes. Everything fits, albeit rather tightly. When the radio is in the case there is an inch or two of empty space for extra stuff so you can stuff everything there.

  1. All you need is an iPhone running the “SDR Control for ICOM” app and you can do FT8/FT4 as well, with no interconnecting cables.

    Michael VE3WMB

    P.S. I think that the same can also be accomplished with an Android phone and FT8CN.

  2. Nice kit. Thanks for posting.

    I was originally not a fan of the 705 due to the screen. I must say that it has really grown on me and is now my dream radio to replace my IC-7200 for POTA use. Nothing the 705 can’t do.

    73 WS0SWV

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