The ARRL POTA Book Prize Package Giveaway!

As I mentioned in my article about the new ARRL POTA book, the ARRL has offered a generous prize package to one lucky reader.

The prize package includes everything you see in the image above:

How to enter…

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling us what you love about Parks On The Air (POTA).

If you have yet to participate in the Parks On The Air program, then please tell us what it is that you find so enticing about the program; why you plan to become active in POTA.


  • We will keep the comments open until 13:00 UTC on Friday, November 17, 2023. You can only enter once, so please include your callsign (if you have one) in the comment.
  • We will take the total number of comments, use a random number generator to pick one comment, then reach out to you to obtain your shipping information.
  • The ARRL will drop ship this prize package directly to you!
  • This giveaway is open to everyone.

Click here to comment and enter the giveaway!

Many thanks to the ARRL for offering up this POTA prize package!

245 thoughts on “The ARRL POTA Book Prize Package Giveaway!”

  1. I haven’t really participated yet but I want to. I think it sounds like a lot of fun setting up a radio in a park and operating. I’m planning on doing it soon. 73,KC8ZSU

  2. POTA aligns with my other outdoor activities and would allow me the opportunity to also increase my HAM skills and contacts.


  3. Thank you for your excellent articles with beautiful photography and links to product’s websites. Well done!

  4. I don’t live in the US, but I find the Parks on the Air program really interesting and inspiring. I’m a Technician level licensee in my country, and I got my first QRP radio recently, but I still haven’t gone outside.
    Maybe it is because I’m still Technician level and my access to the spectrum is fairly limited, but I definitely want to go out there and make some contacts, once I get all the proper equipment.

    Thanks for teaching us about equipment and technique!
    73 J.P. Garcia, HJ4JPG

  5. Just activated my first park over the weekend at Uwharrie National Forest. 10 phone and 5 data contacts. QRP with an X6100 . What a fun challenge. W9BUS

  6. I love operating portable QRP and POTA mixes this with visiting parks, often new ones. So fun!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Bob, KB1TEK

  7. I love Parks on the Air because it gives me practice in mobile operations. Parks on the Air also has brought to my attention how many parks and other eligible places exist all around us. It truly has made me appreciate nature and sites of interest, not only as good places for radio, but also for the beauty of preserved land, and ham association!

  8. Becoming a CW POTA Hunter has been a refreshing change from digital only. My keyer is now finely tuned and my CW skills have improved. Thankyou to all the Activators answering my calls.
    Chuck, WA7BRL

  9. Our local club has been operating weekly “radio in the city park” long before POTA came to be. Now many of us have expanded into POTA, a great way to get hams more active, both physically and on the air!

  10. We love POTA. It’s a great excuse to get outside with that radio gear. In particular KF1G likes to add to the challenge by going low power and portable. We aren’t CW people but so what. Lots of ways to have fun. Bring the kids along and they can have fun in the park while mom and dad “play radio”. POTA is good practice for Emergency Communications too.

  11. I’ve been hunting for about 7 months now and really enjoy the entire experience. I’m gearing up to become an activator once my cw skills get to the appropriate level… can’t wait to get out and discover new parks! I really appreciate all that this hobby has offered and look forward to exploring more in the years to come. Thank you for the opportunity to speak regarding pota and the chance to win some cool gifts!
    72 DE KN6UIZ

  12. Wa7lee
    I enjoy being able to spend time with other ham operators learning more about the Hobby.

  13. PO TA gives radio amateurs the unique operations of field day year round coupled with the new knowledge of our nations national park system both to the activator and the ham working the POTA. That is a win win for everyone!

  14. What I love about POTA is it’s a well rounded experience for you and anybody in your social group. A family trip to a park you’ve never visited; you all get to enjoy the sites a new park offers. Looking to get together with a few OM from the club? Grab a portable BBQ and rack up the QSOs.
    The experience of working POTA has been so thrilling for me being a newcomer to Amateur Radio (licensed for the first time in July) and I’ve found it a really fast-paced, extremely enjoyable experience with very friendly folk on the other side of the QSO regardless of whether you’re the hunter or the activator. I’ve been wanting to go many places with my license, but one thing is guaranteed; POTA will always have a soft spot in my heart.

    73, KD9YOF

  15. During COVID I revived my license and went ahead and got my Extra. My goal is to do QRP CW POTA. I’ve started learning CW many times, but with my sights on POTA I feel confident I’ll make it this time. It was a reivew by Thomas (K4SWL) that lead me to purchasing a Penntek TR-45 Lite, another incentive for me to reach my goal. So be listening for me in a few months.

    72 Keith (K4KEF)

  16. I’ve been reading a lot about POTA, so this is going to be a goal for me for 2024: get back on the air, take the travel trailer out for some “away time” from home and do some POTA activations. I’ve been pretty much QRT for the past several years, since where I live (a mobile home park) there are some severe limitations on antennas. I’ve been wanting to do some on-the-road ops beyond just Field Day, so this should put the kick back into ham raido for me! 73 DE KB6OJS

  17. POTA has been great to get Hams back to getting on the radio and making contacts as Hunters and Activators. It has us outdoors in Parks and Historic sites. We are getting a refresher on how to use out radios again as well as designing, building and deploying portable antennas. It is not just for CW, we can use SSB and digital modes. It is not just for the fit and ready, but also for the disabled and part disabled as we can drive into a lot of locations. It has shown us how effective a QRP radio with 5 watts and a compromise antenna can be. I look forward to each edition of POTA is a breath of Fresh Air.

  18. Pota gives me a reason to leave the house, even if it’s only for a couple hours. Working at the house is nice but using the battery powered scenario backed up by solar is a little more interesting besides all the looks you get by all the non hamrs out there.


  19. I love the “parks on the air’ idea because it simply gets us outside, be it sunny or frosty! The ham shack is now a ham’s world and it’s an even greater life!

  20. QRPer and your POTA activations renewed my interest in Amateur Radio. I joined LICW and am attending classes. I have started hunting and plan to become an activator in the near future. Your POTA activation videos are great for tips and tricks, real-world equipment reviews, as well as an excellent way to get some code practice. Thanks Thomas! Hope to work you on an activation soon! Patrick KF4LMZ

  21. A side from amateur radio adventures, just getting outside in the sunlight and fresh air. These are my favorite POTA things.

  22. Anytime, any place, mostly everywhere, there is a POTA site to share;
    With minimal kit, it’ll help keep you fit, and get you on the air!

    Richard MM0RGM

  23. love POTA! It motivated me to upgrade my License from tech to general. it challenges me to to deal with situations in the field on the fly which has made me a better operator. most of all its a whole lot of fun

  24. Besides the fresh air, I like to explore new and beautiful places. Hopefully, those I’m in contact with will consider visiting sometime too.

  25. Parks on the Air (POTA) wonderfully blends the excitement of ham radio with the serene beauty of state parks. It’s a unique hobby that not only allows enthusiasts to connect with others across the globe through radio waves but also encourages them to step outside and appreciate the natural wonders found in state parks. It’s a perfect combination for anyone who loves exploring the great outdoors while staying connected through the fascinating world of amateur radio. Whether it’s setting up a portable station under the canopy of trees or reaching out to fellow hams from a picturesque park setting, POTA offers an unparalleled experience for both nature lovers and radio enthusiasts.

  26. This morning I went for a bike ride with two end feds and a KX3, activating K-4571 Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail in two different location in Tucson testing to find a better activation location. There are days when I add a POTA to a SOTA, I am not limited to activating only from the QTH. POTA is portable fun!
    John W7OTD

  27. I love POTA because it provides me an opportunity to combine two of my loves; the outdoors and amatuer radio! The ability to use radio gear out in the field fascinates me and POTA provides a great platform for experimenting with radio equipment outside of the shack. David W8GM.

  28. POTA gets me outside and provides a fun opportunity to experiment with many station configurations to see what works and what doesn’t. It also provides a low pressure opportunity to get on the air and make contacts from anywhere and nearly any mode, including the shack. Spencer WD4AWD

  29. Hi,
    Great way to make many contacts and practice CW sending and receiving. Getting out of the house and operating QRP is good for the soul and getting some fresh air.
    72’s, Pete , KB2OC

  30. The idea of joining a group of like minded QRP operators is very appealing. I have been a portable op since 2002 and I also enjoy the outdoors.


  31. I’ve only done one POTA activation so far, but I am hooked. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while doing ham radio and practicing portable operations. I find the portable ops exciting because it’s amazing how far you can contact when running with less power and using a simple battery.

    Victoria (K8VSY)

  32. Hello and thanks for running this contest! I have yet to directly participate in a POTA hunt or activation, but I’ve been reading up on it and recently had a chance to visit a local group activating a park. I find the idea of POTA to embody every awesome about amateur radio. You are not only practicing your operational skills, but also your preparedness skills. It’s also a great excuse to visit and enjoy our wonderfully diverse park system.

  33. POTA is enticing because it blends the outdoors with radio and hopefully will prepare me for SOTA operating as well.

  34. Hello,
    My name is Denis and I love POTA activities as it promotes physical exercise anyone can do, while enjoying doing communications with minimal equipment. If you love the outdoors; camping, canoeing, hiking, it’s a great way to integrate all fun hobbies.

  35. I enjoy hunting the different states. I also do a little research on each park. One of these days I may try my own park activation.


  36. POTA provides me with very nice contacts when operating SOTA.
    Would like to lean more about participating and uploading POTA-logs.

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