Video: Wayne (N6KR) demonstrates the Elecraft KH1 at Pacificon SOTA Luncheon

Many thanks to Rex (KE6MT) who shares the following video made at the at the Pacificon SOTA Luncheon (2023):

Click here to view on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “Video: Wayne (N6KR) demonstrates the Elecraft KH1 at Pacificon SOTA Luncheon”

  1. Thank you for posting, as a KX3 owner this latest edition to the K series lineup is very exciting. Wayne demonstrates the sheer versatility of the KH1 and would save me considerable items to pack when away on holiday. KH1 plus an end-fed antenna would make a nice combination with good results. Well done.

    73 Mike

  2. Thanks for the video, a very nice explanation by one of the co-founders.

    These will be much more popular than some pundits think.

    I hope they have enough stock to ship the first few days of orders fairly quickly…including mine.

  3. Wow. Thanks for posting that. I’m not sure that I actually need a KH1, but the sheer elegance and innovation inherent in the design makes me want one nonetheless. Now I just have to figure out a way to slip it in with the phone bill without getting caught. Hmmm. 73 Skip K4EAK

  4. latest info from Mr. Wayne is that the firmware problem with the rig has been fixed, and that they are starting shipping this week (info from the kx3 page)

    i am in the queue as of Oct 20 for the whole enchilada package, but lord knows how many folks are in front of me… maybe i’ll get the rig in time to start the new year?

  5. Truly nice rig, honor to Elecraft, but let’s be honest… the price is astronomical “per se”, truly reaching another universe for european customers.
    The price is the ultimate gate when choosing to buy or not to buy something; how this KH-1 can survive when compared to Elecraft KX-2 or the iCOM IC-705?

    Remember (paraphrasing an economic adage) that “there are no good radios, but only good prices.”

    1. Yes, these are designed and manufactured in the USA. That certainly comes at a premium. They would have lower prices and a wider profit margin if they manufactured elsewhere, but I like the fact that they keep production here int he US. đŸ™‚

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