Field Kit Gallery: KM4CFT’s QRP Labs QMX/QCX-Mini Go Kit

Many thanks to Jonathan (KM4CFT) who shares the following article about his portable field radio kit which will be featured on our Field Kit Gallery page. If you would like to share your field kit with the QRPer community, check out this post. Jonathan writes:

Hi Tom,

I thought I would share the two go kits I have. I tend to customize my equipment and supplies before I go on a POTA or SOTA outing but I keep these for the rare occasion when I want to grab a radio real quick. [The first on is my] QRPlabs go kit:

The kit is for my QRP Labs QMX/20 meter QCX mini. It contains everything I need to operate 20 meters CW.

The case is a regular Lowepro case that I got with my KX2 when I purchased it from another ham. I did not realize it came with it so I accidentally ordered an extra from Elecraft which I now use with the KX2 kit [featured in a future Field Kit Gallery post].

The kit uses many components from K6ARK, including the 20 meter EFHW antenna and the retractable paddle.

The battery is a TalentCell from Amazon. I use it because it supplies 12v instead of 13.8v. One of the downsides of the QMX is that it cannot handle 13.8v, so I have to stick with 12.

I keep a cheap pair of earbuds with me just in case but I try to bring a nicer pair of headphones whenever possible.

Hopefully this information is useful to you and your readers!
-Jonathan KM4CFT

Readers: Check out Jonathan’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

One thought on “Field Kit Gallery: KM4CFT’s QRP Labs QMX/QCX-Mini Go Kit”

  1. Jonathan, Great kit!

    My QMX (assembled) will likely ship this week. Like all of Hans’ creations, I can’t wait to build my field kit and go play with it.

    I’ve partially assembled a 3aH 12v Talent Cell, an X-Tenna Δ EFλ/2, my SP4 paddle, short USB b/c cable, my Android cellphone, FT8CN software & throw. I’m looking for a padded soft case for the Kit.

    The capabilities, of the QXM with both CW & JS8Call should prove itself afield,

    Hope to ‘see you down the log!’ de W7UDT

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