BG6LH Designs a Board for Integrated Yaesu FT-817/818 FT8 Operation

Many thanks to Cao (BG6LH) who writes:

Hi, Thomas!

I would like to share my QRP FT8 kit for Field Operation.

A long time ago, I was seeking the most lightweight QRP kits for FT8 field operation. My goal was to have just one radio, one antenna, one phone, without too many cables, boxes, etc.

Finally, I designed a PCB. It is a Bluetooth DIGI Adapter and can be mounted on the rear panel of my FT-818.

Just plug it to the DATA and ACC jacks. It can be powered by ACC jack’s 13.8V Pin.

It works well with FT8CN, an android FT8 app.

Now, my dream has come true!

My Antenna was a so-called GAWANT, designed by JF1QHZ, I guess it’s a simple Vertical EFHW. I built it with a 1.2 meter rod.

It’s working on 7~28MHz bands, not very efficient, but so small and portable.

For FT8 QRP POTA, field operation, all of these components can be put in a small bag, and deployed in minutes.

I shared my PCB design on Github. If anyone wants to modify it, you are welcome to do so!

Thank you for sharing this, Cao. This is absolutely amazing and an incredibly clever design! I suspect a lot of FT-818/817 enthusiasts will make this same build via your design!

Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your work with the QRP community! 

10 thoughts on “BG6LH Designs a Board for Integrated Yaesu FT-817/818 FT8 Operation”

  1. Cao,

    That is a brilliant design for the Yaesu! I’m very impressed, at its design, and performance. Well done!

    72! de W7UDT

    1. Sorry, Tom, I didn’t plan to make this a product. So I open-sourced the design. Everyone is welcome to download and make their own products.

      A little tip:
      Some FT-817 players have not succeeded in powering this board, and have found that the cause is that the FT-817’s 13.8V pin protection resistor R1235 is broken. just fix it. everything goes well.

  2. Hello Thomas,
    Hope you can help me, I’m trying to assamble one but I have problems programing the module with the AT command’s.
    I can use cat and the loudspeaker from the module but not the microphone.
    Can you help me?

    Mni tnx de Frederico CT7ABA

      1. Hi, yes but nothing.
        I´m waiting for some other modules, it looks like that the ones i got they do have some problems.
        in the mine time i’m trying to use the BT401 modules on a breadboard.

        73 de DM3FG

        1. yes, some OM told me about JDY-67’s same problem. I would try BT-401 when I have enough time.

          Good Luck, man!

          1. Strage things, the jdy modules does not respond to the AT command’s. I already have a circuit with the BT401 running and it works fine.

            73 de Frederico

  3. Hi Cao,

    I love the design. I’m running the Sotabeams Anderson power pole adaptor for the power feed, and would love to keep that capability.

    Anyone interested in that mod?

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