CW POTA: Steve’s simple clipboard mod for super-stable field keying

Many thanks to Steve (W4JM) who writes:

Here is what I use for POTA activations to keep the key stable.

A clip board, carpet tape on the back to hold a carpet pad in place.

The Begali I put two slots in the clip board on either side of the traveler where then I could use a tie wrap to pull it secure to the board.

On the CW Morse I just used two screws with locking nuts to secure it to the board.

Your right hand holds the pencil while sending and your wrist weighs down on the clip board and I printed some POTA logs on excel to fit to the left of the key.

I hope this helps some of your readers with key movements. I now have my left hand to drink my coffee.

Steve W4JM

Clever and simple! I love it, Steve. Thanks for sharing!

8 thoughts on “CW POTA: Steve’s simple clipboard mod for super-stable field keying”

  1. Great report Steve… I’ve mounted my QCX Mini and a BamaTeck TP-3 in a similar fashion. The rubber matting on the back is a nice touch. I like having the log clipped down and secure. It offers easy one hand operation.

    de W7UDT

  2. I have the base for my Palm Paddle mounted on a thin stainless steel cross-country ski scraper with double sided adhesive pads. The edge of the scraper then sits securely under the clip on a clipboard while operating.

    The clipboard I am using was purchased on Amazon and is intended for sketching so it is the same length as a “legal” sized clipboard but about 30 percent wider, which makes a great “lapboard” for portable operating from a camp or beach chair.

    Michael VE3WMB

  3. Great idea Steve!

    Now, go into business selling these. But… they have to be 3-D printed (hams buy anything 30D printed) and include a leg strap,,, both of which might assure you go bankrupt. 🙂

    73, Bob N4REE

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