Replacement battery for the Xiegu X5105?

Many thanks to Chuck (K8HU) who writes:

Hi Thomas,

The battery in my Xeigu 5105 seems to have bit the dust and have been looking for a replacement part.

Any sourcing suggestions?


Chuck Rippel, K8HU

Chuck had checked with the dealer, but their only suggestion was a battery (model BP-X5105) at Sinotel in the UK. Here’s the battery image from their catalog:

Unfortunately, they will not ship batteries internationally.

I did a little research of my own and the only other company I could find with a replacement X5105 pack is Limmared Radio & Data in Sweeden. The image above is the battery they have listed in their catalog.

Readers: if you’ve replaced your Xiegu X5105 battery pack, can you comment on this post with a link to the source?  Many thanks in advance!

16 thoughts on “Replacement battery for the Xiegu X5105?”

    1. I showed how to rebuild the x5105 battery pack. It is easy. The batteries in the x6100 should not be left in after going bad. So one way or another you should remove them. The battery management system on the x6100 is a separate board to the side of the two 3.7v lipo batteries. On the x5205 I used 4 amp lipos with the same form factor as the original batteries. Request the batteries with out the battery management system (you will not need it) Simply go on eBay and order a new set wire it up in series. The key to waking up the battery management system is to put 12v 500mv on the power out connector.. your replacement batteries are nearly charged so be careful.

  1. Yes, that’s correct – Sinotel will not ship overseas but that’s due to international shipping regulations concerning batteries (and why we in the UK cannot buy Bioenno batteries from the USA…)

    Unfortunately it’s possible the Swedish supplier may have the same issue.

    I’m afraid I don’t have an easy solution to the problem.

    Keith G0RQQ

  2. Don’t let the battery in the x5105 or x6100 go flat for extended periods or this will happen surprisingly quickly.

    I charge mine up once a month, or more frequently, just in case.


  3. This is one of the main reasons I don’t purchase radio gear from China. I would rather call up DX Engineering and order an Icom, Yaesu, Elecraft or Kenwood battery and get it that week with no issues.
    My 2 cents

  4. I hand carried one from the UK. Time for a trip to the UK! Another option would be to find a dangerous goods freight forwarder and have it sent to North America, but the cost would almost be a return ticket in coach (please please carry on the plane, do NOT put it in luggage.)

    1. Yes, as I mention in the post, Sinotel doesn’t ship these outside the UK. We’re trying to find another source.

      1. did you ever find a source for the Xiegu x5105 battery for the US. I am in need of one . Please let me know.

  5. Is it possible to make a pack with available singles that will fit the space of the radio. what size is the battery and is it LIPO?

  6. My big worry is even if you use an external battery you have this exhausted swelling potential disaster sitting in the heart of your radio. These batteries should be externally removable after all the X5105 is not a disposable radio.

  7. Hmmmm, Anyone tell me if that X5105 battery would fit in the FT-818 battery compartment ? it’s got the proper connector on it also, just might need to mod the wiring.

  8. Any updates on battery replacement? I’m considering this rig for SWL

    ..a overkill but I’m impressed with its specs.

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