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Replacement battery for the Xiegu X5105?

Many thanks to Chuck (K8HU) who writes:

Hi Thomas,

The battery in my Xeigu 5105 seems to have bit the dust and have been looking for a replacement part.

Any sourcing suggestions?


Chuck Rippel, K8HU

Chuck had checked with the dealer, but their only suggestion was a battery (model BP-X5105) at Sinotel in the UK. Here’s the battery image from their catalog:

Unfortunately, they will not ship batteries internationally.

I did a little research of my own and the only other company I could find with a replacement X5105 pack is Limmared Radio & Data in Sweeden. The image above is the battery they have listed in their catalog.

Readers: if you’ve replaced your Xiegu X5105 battery pack, can you comment on this post with a link to the source?  Many thanks in advance!