Jim’s “WD-PT-PB” AX1/AX2 table/bench clamp mount

Many thanks to Jim (N9EET) who writes:


I look forward to all your videos and am enjoying how you use the Elecraft AX-1 in the field.

I have built the “WD-PT-PB” attachment for my AX-1 antenna.

That is, it is for Windy Day-Picnic Table-Park Bench use. It can be set up horizontally or vertically on the edge of a picnic table or at any angle on the back of a park bench and is a secure attachment for the AX-1 off the radio.

[I] bought the bolts straight and put them thru a random C clamp secured with a nut or wing nut and then bent one in my vise. Loosen the wing nut and angle the bolt any way I want and tighten the wing nut.

The pictures show it better than paragraphs of a description.

Jim Long
Madison, WI

That’s brilliant, Jim! I love how versatile the clamp is and that it even fits in your Maxpedition pouch! No doubt, it’ll help the AX1 (or AX2, or any similar antenna) survive the windiest of deployments.

Thank you for sharing.

10 thoughts on “Jim’s “WD-PT-PB” AX1/AX2 table/bench clamp mount”

  1. This item has the benefit of virtual indestructibility short of explosives or large caliber firearms. Great idea!

  2. I like it! I use a small tripod, and it works, kinda. It seems even a slight wind can topple it. The Elecraft bipod adapter is $31. I need to buy groceries… so I’ll stick to the tripod.

    My experience with the AX1 isn’t as good as Thomas, not even close. From Boise, the Ham density is sparse, or so it seems. The Packtenna EFλ/2 works better.

    I did like the window mount Idea, posted 2/5/23 by Alan W2AEW.

    For me the petite nature of the AX1, and viewing Thomas, casually activating a park, (in twenty minutes), keeps me hopeful.

    Thanks for the post! Hope to see you down the log!

    de W7UDT

    1. Rand, agree on all counts. However, I use the Throw Line method at home in the PNW. For business trips requiring quick activations sans trees, the AX1 is a game-changer. Like you, I’ve not had eye-watering 40+ European QSOs like with my K6ARK EFHW.

      I’ll try the clamp above. The wind is playing havoc with the AX1 bipod system.

  3. Excellent idea and still falls in line with quick deployment. Agree that wind is a big factor in toppling this antenna. The clamp sure is one way to resolve the wind issue. Beach activations here are all wind so I need some other way to deploy the AX1. The tripod mount and bipod standing alone are useless. When I deploy my 102 inch antenna at the beach, I use a gallon of water suspended by a bungee cord directly under the full sized tripod. Necessity is… 72 de KE2YK

  4. Thanks very much for sharing.

    It is another very good, simple and useful idea. I already have many clamps like this one, so a couple mods and Bingo.

    I love it!!

    72 Mike

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