Can you ID this QRP SSB radio? (Update: solved quickly!)

Many thanks to Todd (KH2TJ) who writes:.

Hey have a question about a QRP radio that a friend of mine acquired from an SK estate. I was thinking this radio might be a Mountain Topper or maybe one of an early N6KR radios, but a search has come up empty. Maybe you could help identify it? Thanks in advance for any info:

Todd’s friend also noted:

It works on the phone portion of the 20 meter band with about 5 watts out. When the “Spot” button is pressed the radio reports the tuned frequency in CW.

I’m not terribly familiar with SSB QRP transceivers. Perhaps a QRPer reader can chime in with an answer for Todd? Please comment!


This was solved rather quickly by readers. This is, of course, a White Mountain Series SSB Transceiver by the amazing Dave Benson (K1SWL)!

As soon as I read the first reply, it jogged my memory. I believe the photo Todd sent above face-on threw me a bit; I think I would have recognized more readily had it been a shot showing the size of the radio.

Dave (K1SWL) is a regular here on QRPer and he might even have more comments about this fine mono-band SSB radio!

9 thoughts on “Can you ID this QRP SSB radio? (Update: solved quickly!)”

    1. That is it. It’s funny: the way the photos was taken of this radio, when Todd sent it to me I didn’t recognize it. 🙂

      I’m sure Dave can chime in as well. I’m trying to remember the years he produced these.

  1. Yes- that was one of my kits. Produced about 20 years ago. There was a QST article about it at one point.

    I’ll happily answer questions as best I can, but it’s been many years- the details are fading on me. There are documents out there on the Internet, which should help considerably.

    73- Dave Benson, K1SWL

  2. Great job Ricardo! I didn’t know. I’ve owned several Steve Weber deisgns, and proudly own a MTR2b, which has a data mode… but they are primarily CW rigs.

    Thomas should give you something for the right guess. Something nice, like a Elecraft T1, or a PackTenna.

    (Hi Hi) de W7UDT (dit dit)

  3. Thanks Guys! Awesome group here. Thanks to all who took the time to respond. Great wealth of info. I’ll pass on to Bob, KA6NSN, out of Quincy, CA., the orig poster/owner on the Reno QRP group what he has. Maybe get some of the Reno, NV., gang on here as well 😉

    Thanks again Thomas and appreciate all you do!

    72/73, Todd KH2TJ

  4. Could be a trx out of the White Mountain series. Don’t remember who originally made/ sold them.

    73, Tom, dm4ea

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