André’s “Let’s Learn Morse Code” online practice tool

Many thanks to André (PY2KGB / VE2ZDX) who shares a link to his web-browser-based CW practice tool. André notes:

I’m writing to share a tool I wrote to help myself with learning CW. I recently found out that people have been enjoying this tool so I’m sharing it with you and if you think it’s something worth sharing feel free to do so.

It was made mobile first and if you can’t hear the sound, disable the silent mode. It outputs the sound the same way WebSDRs do so it has that little issue with the sound that SDRs do, but it is browser related.

Click here to check out André’s online CW practice tool.

Thank you, André! I love how simple this tool is to use and the fact that no app is needed. Again, thank you for sharing this with the community at large!

3 thoughts on “André’s “Let’s Learn Morse Code” online practice tool”

  1. I’ve learning from André and his advices has helped immensely.
    I’d say that his tools are focused on helping new comers with common problems and pitfalls. At least this is how he teaches me.

  2. I learned CW back int the days of having a Novice license so one could get their code speed up to be able to take the General, no repeaters then, most above 50MHz was dead, HF was the bands to work, SSB or CW. I had fun getting on each night with 15 minute QSO, on the air. Of course there were plenty of Novice ops at slower speeds so could easily find stations one could handle. I use to send code practice on my high profile repeater, at 20, 13 & 5wpm each for 10 minute sessions twice daily, did or about 8 years until the code was reduced to 5 wpm for all and then did away with. I would advise getting on the air and actually working stations. The program is good, gives one the control, but having actual conversations is much more fun. But to each their own. And as we QRP ops know, CW is much easier for making QSOs. 73, ron, n9ee

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