Video: W2AEW’s review of the Penntek TR-45L

Many thanks to Ron (W6AZ) who notes that W2AEW has posted a review of the TR-45-L on his excellent YouTube channel:

I meant to post this video earlier when I saw that Alan published it, but forgot. Thanks for the reminder, Ron!

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10 thoughts on “Video: W2AEW’s review of the Penntek TR-45L”

  1. Thank you for posting this, it is really great and interesting .

    Very well done video, I love it.
    So I’m going to check their web site, I’m curious to know the price and other features, such as the kind of internal battery etc.

    Another plus is the internal wide range antenna tuner, it looks like the XM-2
    Mike VE2TH

  2. The “trick” to quickly find a null with the Z-match tuner is to pre-tune initial setting by maximizing noise, then a get the initial ref power min by rocking both knobs. Then, when fine tuning, it often helps to rotate one knob (ANT) slightly past the null and then find a deeper null with the other knob (LOAD). If you don’t find a deeper null this way, then rotate the first knob just past the null on the other side, then deepen the null with the second knob.

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