N2HTT’s Tilt Cradle for the Penntek TR-45L

Many thanks to Mike (N2HTT) who recently reached out:

Hi Tom,

I recently treated myself to a Penntek TR-45L, and I think it’s the perfect field CW rig, except for one thing: the viewing angle sitting on a table is too vertical.

I made myself a tilt cradle that holds the rig at a 15 degree angle. It is form fitted to the rig, allows good clearance to all the controls front and rear, and raises it up off the table just a smidge.

Mike thanks/blames me for his purchase of the TR-45L and asked if I wanted one of his 3D-printed tilt cradles for my TR-45L. I just received it today at no cost to me–thanks, Mike!–and I really like the angle for using the TR-45L in my shack (and in the field, for sure). 

Mike is selling these for $25 in his Etsy shop. Click here to check them out!

Here are some photos:

Thanks again, Mike, for sending one to me–I really appreciate it. Now I just need to convince you to purchase even more radios! 🙂

The TR-45L is a gem–you’ll love it!

3 thoughts on “N2HTT’s Tilt Cradle for the Penntek TR-45L”

  1. The $25 tilt angle TR45L holder is SOLD OUT with no comment about restock as to if, when. where, et al.

    John, W3HMS, 10 Apr 24, FN10mf11JK

    1. Hi, John,

      That’s probably just how Etsy handles the page. I think Mike can fix this soon. Thanks for letting us know.


  2. The TR-45L Skinny has a tilt bail that lets the rig rest back to about a 45 degree back, makes it very easy to see the meter & LCD screen VFO. I used keyboard feet with Velcro pads to do something similar to my TR-35. Thanks for sharing your tip! Cheers, Davey –KU9L

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